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  • 00:00: good zdorovichka all in one of its video I promised flour bread recipe wholemeal kid He said the boy did I would like to note that the this bread will unleavened, and so I add to bowl two tablespoons flour wholemeal how do I do this torment link below the video I place more
  • 00:31: I put a sieve and two flour 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour higher wheat grade and I sift it you have noticed I wholemeal thus not sizing because it is not so grandson until more loose next oat ingredient flakes 2 tablespoons spoons that took just hands like this
  • 01:01: crossed and now they have I was so alone Sensei principle with after adding liquid they become such flour so I especially not someone crushes I want to they can be skip here such that grinder pinch salt all stirred want note that I do to be precise no bread and will do cake add
  • 01:31: kefir on the tip of baking soda about a teaspoon vegetable oil very good add olive oil but I do now! Only under the sun all begin gradually knead it very good recipe for those who do not want dirty hands of my hands This dough can not see and exclusively spoon
  • 02:01: Now I see that I We need to add Now a bit of yogurt consistency of the dough show so that the force it is possible for an amateur make thicker dough You can do so make it more We liquid one-two times do yourself
  • 02:32: Try and so and so it would be better as a you will be so tasty and will gather here I have here a dough I get further all the dough yourself one such pile I cleanse here lied have little the finger dirty collecting all those who one pile I cover with the plate and the other plate I leave the dough for 30 palms minutes I
  • 03:03: Good lubrication flour I take the dough bowl a ball can be more add flour I do next round cake and the cake I post on
  • 03:38: pan several important moments in the first place, I I put this cake not very heated pan on pins slightly hot second moment Not in stock no fat is not vegetable and animal this cake just like to dry hot pan third fire must be hard small spots in then simmered little girl need to fry
  • 04:08: about 12 to 15 minutes aloof when cake browned on one I even hand it here a little, even so well browned even a little I burnt it I turn over the other side on the other side It takes a little hot but less time about 10-12 minutes I finished the cake I stack on
  • 04:38: towel and top I cover another milk party leaves as about Chuck cake has cooled crossings and break here environment and it's time for all approximately guzzle game no raw dough is very well here a simple recipe unleavened bread on coarse flour
  • 05:08: I'll grind offer try this very Turks