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  • 00:00: all welcome glad You see you ol'ga channel ol'ga diva bodies home Today I take video titled Islands in the whole of Moscow my kitchen are the things items that I take almost every day and that help me keep in the kitchen order and cleanliness one of the strokes on the my kitchen is like these ones polyethylene packages with deep clasp they have two sizes sold they are in different sizes you can buy them in supermarket they help not
  • 00:31: arrange the order in my fridge it is in the freezer I freeze them some fruits and vegetables or Fast cooking also I not use them only products but also their storage some other items go ahead and should be opened in my kitchen Here is a towel microfiber you could see it in my video on purchases I show and then
  • 01:01: I did not know where I specifically it will use use its I wipe the kitchen facades excels with their work and using it every because on the day that facades are drops of water and it excels It is my Moscow next it here such hooks they are intended to to them to hang any towel or other Kitchen appliances are hung on the door
  • 01:31: kitchen and they can be in any place a place where you will be where more convenient just need to use I bought them in store and t b they sold 2 pieces per pack 100 or 13 hryvnia I I am going when saw fly two package but realized that is enough for me and 2 hooks in general dayan and are used hung their towels locate all the places in the kitchen where I It must be the way they It can be used not Only in the kitchen if
  • 02:01: allows the the length of the hook can be hung in elsewhere and use of your convenience The following is here this brush for cleaning dishes I like it liked because There is a dispenser Detergent did well His work tuner washing dishes at help her each day if suddenly It needed somewhere something wipe otdrait well it works
  • 02:31: I arranged for a Sorry Now already out of order and I will need it replaced by a new beyond that, such plastic containers they go and how baskets and how boxes with lids It is very convenient you my Moscow Of course I think the kitchen and many hostess They are by weight in the kitchen brilliant thing who invented and may be in them place store nickname and they never
  • 03:01: will lie idle penultimate Moscow for it's a spray it is small is in my I use the kitchen for cooking home disinfectant agent or detergent means very much to use it I use every day in such a spray I have not only Kitchen and other I use rooms intended as it is specifically here the greens I I buy special kitchen and then
  • 03:32: the last island on my kitchen is paper towel this thing I I use every day they are constantly in something I have not even thought if paper towels in I will not under I can not hand use and woven paper towels shall be my the kitchen is a necessarily Moscow all you who I would like to show you that help me comprise in the kitchen clean and tidy
  • 04:02: write what Moscow You have your hope the video was for you useful and interesting if so do not forget put a finger write up comments and subscribe if you have not subscribed to channel then you're where I can be found be found in the description a video to wish order and comfort always dominated by your home see you next video yet