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  • 00:00: [Music] hey guys it's Christina so I got a lot of questions for all the time here on YouTube and in real life about my lips if they're real if I get injections whatever and I'm like oh no it's just called makeup you know you can do these tips and tricks to make your lips look bigger it looks small or anything like that and honestly like if I just wear a bright color a lot of times people just think that I have fake lips so you know if I get these questions all the time but I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you guys because some videos that
  • 00:32: do you know depend on lip color wear whatever people will always comment to be like oh my god big lips or your lipstick huge or like you know you should tell us about your lip injections you're still going that online well introductions like I don't know where you thought about it's called makeup like I said but other comments are like hey can you help me and like make my lips look bigger so I wanted to share my tips and tricks with your eyes because it's honestly so easy you're gonna do this in like less than five minutes with things that you already have at your house so you don't have to use every single tip and trick that I'm going to show you today of course you know you can just do like one or two of these you
  • 01:03: don't have to do all of them but I'm going to show you all the tips just for the sake of this video so if you want to learn how to make your lips juicier powder and fuller then just watch it start it with bare lips you want to first exfoliate them I'm taking the sugar scrub by julep and it smells like chocolate and coffee it's so good so wildung julep below deluxe for you so basically I'm just scrubbing off all the dry dead skin and all the gunk to reveal baby smooth lips then I'm just going to wipe off all the excess and take a wet
  • 01:37: toothbrush use it to gently massage your lips this will bring more circulation to them and make them powder [Music] now I'm just taking this lip balm by julep and again I'll link it below and I'm going to use it to moisturize my lips I'm going to give us some time to soak in while I do my contour now for
  • 02:07: the contour I'm taking my brow bar to go and I have a coupon code for it for half off that will link below as well and with my Sigma e30 brush I'm going to apply the darkest shade underneath my lower lip comes warning helps to recede an area so this will make the lower lip seem a lot fuller just make sure the shade you're using is map and also have a 10% off coupon code for Sigma brushes
  • 02:38: so I will link that below for you guys as well now I'm going to wipe off any lip balm I have leftover and start filling in my lips with this neutral pencil I got in this month's beauty box 5 of course I'll link you to box below for you as well but if you want the individual products I'll find them online and I'll put the links to them below to make sure to learn just outside your natural lip line to make your lips
  • 03:12: seem bigger [Music] [Music] now taking this peach lipstick I got from BB five I'm going to start applying it don't forget to apply just inside your own lip line just like we did with the lip liner I wanted to make the shade a bit more
  • 03:42: pink so I'm going to apply my favorite pink lipstick on top of that [Music] top that off take a shiny gloss I'm using this one by julep that I will link below and line outside your own lip line just like we did before
  • 04:13: [Music] it smells so good finally I'm going to take this skin tone shadow I got in my BB five and use it as a highlight taking it with my Sigma e55 brush I'm going to apply it to my Cupid's bow highlighting creates the illusion of an area being brought
  • 04:43: forward just make sure you highlight is shimmering I'm then also going to dab some of that highlight onto the center of my lips to create the illusion of fuller lips and now you're done [Music] [Music] so that is it so hope you guys enjoyed this video and you learned some tips and
  • 05:13: tricks please subscribe to my channel and for more if I'm duck this video if you liked it and also if you want to add me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter I will link all of my social media down below this box as well as all the links to the products like I said and also don't forget to subscribe to my vlog channel if you weren't already I will also put that down there and I will see you next video [Music]