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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: broth cubes and greens it will take greenery celery dill parsley and various molds for ice green herbs wash the water shake crumble
  • 00:33: greens and add to sauce pour literally one centimeter of water and put on small fire and passeruem so literally 5 minutes greens and does not lose their properties for that dice become more concentrated and takes up less space in the freezer the same process of amber
  • 01:03: and crumble put into a saucepan add a little water and steamed and little flame 5 minutes in five minutes we remove the saucepan from fire and leave the case do not cool when the greens cooled down decompose it by molds we compact we pour water in which was cooked
  • 01:33: green and put the form in freezer when the cubes froze we understand them from molds and decomposed into sachets for different species greenery advise use molds of different shapes so for example I know that triangular Parsley is a rectangular is celery Bon Appetit