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  • 00:00: and so how to make without yeast ferment overnight referred to himself it need only Doctor is burnt flour peeled it sold in any and a second store the product is water for First, we have enough 100 gram So we start doing where yeast leaven, and so begin
  • 00:32: preparation leaven charge 100 gram warm some water Pour into a container container must be of not less than 2 liters then take 3 and 4 tablespoons of rye flour It is no longer necessary because what happens is very many of the leaven Now add flour stir well You need to stir
  • 01:04: such consistency thick cream Now something like this everything turned out right now Cover with a cloth or cover only not tightly and put in warm dark place Day 2 look that
  • 01:37: We got well such bad the smell of such nasty picture from we get it fine because process went manufacture of eyes and at this stage It is the development pathogens pathogenic flora is food for lactic Bacteria again take rye flour begin feed up enough for three spoons
  • 02:15: add table a little warm water some water and it all stir again knead thick cream again We cover it cloth or lid so they fit and Now put all this mass in warm dark place necessarily in warm dark only not on the battery you are welcome come third day
  • 02:51: preparing our leaven that look we've got well now less so less is more bubbles began fermentation appeared to light bubbles here It has already begun mineral development Bacteria children do not this is not a unpleasant smell already more or less normal the process started again Feeding the take rye flour
  • 03:23: literally 3-4 tablespoons tablespoon again All this is kneaded add warm some water and a stage thick cream
  • 03:53: here us what happened Cover again cloth or cap is not tight Only put warm a dark place on the fourth day that we look
  • 04:23: It has received a there is a nice the smell of fermentation after all tab has grown a completely different look We begin again our feed leaven necessary words it is necessary to feed like a child again We fall asleep Mar. 4 tablespoons tablespoons rye flour all this stir
  • 04:57: add a little warm some water you again pulls out a thick cream fine again Cover with a cloth or lid and again put in a warm a dark place this is the fifth day
  • 05:32: we see today what happened here It has a pleasant smell fermentation of the reserve is still grew further see already some able to structure It has bubbles in it as spongy appeared has been quite serious development gone our bacteria leaven develops increases she needed strength so let's take it again feed up to this again take on April 3
  • 06:03: tablespoons of rye flour good again stir add a little warm vodichke do and stir and
  • 06:36: We get a thick this cream here about condition to be gone class to how thick cream for excellent confound Cover again cloth or lid only dense, and that's it the whole mass of our leaven put in
  • 07:07: warm dark place but not so not only on the battery please and then cooked for our great great We put in a dark place So I came sixth preparation day our leaven look at us it increased purchased here such a spongy appearance already seen there and bubbles like a sponge so already
  • 07:38: porosity such here axis has leaven ready to eat I say this so now we will be already preparing for mask directly to our future bread to take this smaller capacity We lay it just three tablespoons our fresh sourdough for to again
  • 08:08: Feed the Our to set a time stronger was three tablespoons enough add a little flour literally 5-6 tablespoons flour pour warm some water and again
  • 08:39: to knead a thick cream you where we already preparing for our future bread stir well Here is such a leaven here is state we are now put literally 5-6 hours in a dark warm place
  • 09:10: that she grew up and strengthened literally 5-6 hours This process paper repeated twice make it more It was strong here passed 6 hours see how leaven our grown efforts and Of course, it is desirable I repeat do again feed again put in 5-6 hours
  • 09:41: to leaven was more or less strongly we have it yet so weak do the main cost leaven which we as it is prepared keep There are two options 1 leaven pour water two times more than there ferment and the a yeast leaven in the store only the fridge not necessarily in freezer term Storage 12 days second option leaven can add flour roll it out to dry and
  • 10:13: store at room temperature of the third embodiment which I always I use here this fresh sourdough I simply distribute their friends now open to you
  • 10:43: little secret bread This form of conservation sourdough starter the most useful part sourdough bread and now with the dairy bacteria It makes bread fermented saturated vegetable protein and absorbed 95 percent so good bread stored for years preprinted forms I usually pour a wee bit vegetable oil I pour out a little flour
  • 11:13: and that's on top of it I spread the dough like prepare dough dough I I am using 700 grams flour 1 grade 2 teaspoons salt two tablespoons honey or sugar one steel spoon vegetable oil 300 mg of water and 5-7 tablespoons add leaven there different flavors Additives to sea dried fruit that is
  • 11:44: sesame apricots raisins on added optional hours raisin all Cover with a cloth here and put in a warm place literally 2 hours 30 minutes prior to favorites our cooked we test it in the oven must prepare oven for this Burn it
  • 12:15: and put on Pyaterochka i.e prepare to temperature 200 degrees and so we obtain the dough as well as it It rose a ready baking the dough I had crispy I usually take a crust and a polarizer I sprayed with water bread loves
  • 13:00: moisture down so oven and leave pan with water after that I lay test temperature 200 20 degrees minutes later I came again water was definitely successful and reduces
  • 13:31: the temperature of the oven to 180 degrees put at number 4 as it It simulates the effect of cooling Russian Russian furnace incidentally oven perfectly Sharpening of pastries any bread was hour open oven We get our home bread and then pull out grid and on her ransom Well dried up beneath
  • 14:02: here and then covered napkin and give bread cool That is until it cools down, I I tell you a little bit I cook starter every time when I need baked bread after each I make bread usually I leave two
  • 14:33: spoon tablespoon sourdough and put in refrigerate for the entire top shelf important point once with the refrigerator add a new meal can not begin development of pathogenic flora and lactic acid bacteria will sleep so you need to get leaven and put in a warm place for 30 minutes to make it heated so only then I start feed up Bookmark take a little flour literally 5-6 tablespoons spoon again add some water and warm
  • 15:18: knead until a thick sour cream That and kneaded vitik on how thick it turned sour this one cooked I leaven of covering cloth cover and I put in a dark warm place literally 5-6 hours
  • 15:49: sourdough is ready look it has doubled not from what a nice smell and just such a I use leaven for the manufacture of for bread and I use the test July 6 spoonfuls of leaven and leave just again test the boat the next time leaven residues I put on storage refrigerator to next time again used here in Ideally leaven It should be fluffy of bubbles at not stirring
  • 16:19: It has deposited pleasant smell Well Now we find the post him we'll get a napkin Oh, what size mind with sesame pleasant appetite and be healthy