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Cultivation of pepper - YouTube

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  • 00:08: helpful with all their love There are different now! here are some photos of such persons and grow with us in natural agricultural technology and how it I'll tell the doctor that's the beauty of these are not who are different what you like and under veto and to taste it here peppers our club members for natural cooking agrotechnics time because we poss response it's like you want someone
  • 00:30: like that means What is special means the same as same crop in February months before all It depends on when Planted in the garden to in the garden that is it you yourself are counting while the peppers are not very He likes acidic soil if from working do not germinate well acidity hello soil already tell someone not He knows then you approach to me just as I do not like transplanting pepper ie force once just touched it means or cassettes or pills or doing it very carefully
  • 01:00: opportunities You can then later when you have a bed you transplant necessarily glass there pot is more necessarily need and do in fact They also see how tomatik and another time it's not like when children touching here He is asking when fly begins touch each other did not receive signal so all those he it is not enough anyone faster than those above, and who started the race faster higher
  • 01:30: that is, they grow begin attracted because they touch each and other hanging unroll means close neighbor have to be and above it that more get all the light very simple pepper also better not harden thermophilic I hardened plant You need they need warmth so now on it As for already when You are there to grow they do not like the garden sharp drop and daytime temperatures night so there is need
  • 02:01: why he grew in greenhouse or in your greenhouse because when the open ground day start Emperor very strong jumps and here so warm white seedbed or greenhouse a greenhouse that's not It was such in Turkish oscillations in temperature understandable to all if it is in your greenhouse on the south hand that is closer to the light planted but already there more if you own it means we have to wail away the absorption is not He loves the wind and drafts since this was already
  • 02:30: We say so yet if anyone has to better to make a warm bed of on this blessed and Plus we have with her organics easier it make hundreds someone can do it spring staring someone which material has Make the hole is wells already inside us and go to compost or if I'm not here some land mix any I want the case was nutritious and you worse this lune Planted your
  • 03:01: garden clear yes landed come all fall planted grass around here this organics starts accept warm and your pepper heat is have a root around They are not in the heat It grows very well top covers secluded from the bottom is heat from above you a covering that is Closed turns the air is heated and the soil is warm so there another trick it flares forests retain heat because it's warm
  • 03:30: as the cool night daytime heat gatherers Reserved for this phrases and plastic Bottle hour show This small movie with theft and on Ulta him in the greenhouse just can and make the street but Only if you strain snapped up the rights to material to make it Technos delay But for the fact that we have not would spike Temperature here I should heat accumulators Video of bottles of beer carbonated water which is filled with
  • 04:00: day on the water the sun they are heated and the heat which Now there are greenhouses assume that there selects attack wome temperature environment this plant overheats scratch it will be much warmer than it is now not so warm they will be on the night it heat to give and
  • 04:30: it turns out that on temperature boundary between day and night not so sharp some jumps for tomatoes it can It is no less But for critical cucumber desirable but hold the temperature at least not less than 15 below 15 degrees cucumbers just stop growing all you can make it very simply and easily and to the inside or that is, a janitor here at You read a casting Lecture eyes the same itself cucumbers and this is a number that
  • 05:01: You just lay out of the bottle rather dark but themselves understand more heat does not always take dark heater infusion with the same work successfully stones those who have in me please lay me not only small things natural beginning sense from them and not Small stones can be you but then again it condition must be closed space is not a period of ropes where the air to sense something from them faithful when you shut down or parnichok elite Basically that's all trap heat the day of the bottle
  • 05:30: accumulate watts at night it is a bottle but the heat stays keep the cops clear raven temperature that's all So well understood that is, to raise him from it may be different currents be it can be just for pizza anything less is already as you like 10 cited want point try warm beds tube I for those warm beds this is our sign it conduct experiments here is that all he holds one the same variety of pepper is
  • 06:00: that left it in outdoors that is just in the ground what is right, too, beans of the same seedlings in a warm a bed that is harvest Poland Only due to the fact Cecil was that the wing Aki is the elephant developing better test more so well over mulching already We are talking about something and not Only on eggplant black pepper, too They also love when wet and so there Here, too, I spent soup and see the in the foreground
  • 06:31: before you this ducat is that background drink mulching grow across the weeds they grow not interfere so when the weeds have grow flush with seedlings they start or already oppress and 10 get another angle is on the left is it that under the mulch that right without boy bare earth call any the difference in the growth in even your audience too, not just nitrogen then the left mulching what right without mulching
  • 07:00: there is even like this figure ground leaves harmful plants below and semeika clear I think that has let explain nothing It is so over fertilizing it's the same very good way podkolka who rings glow or you You make an infusion of herbs in a barrel of radiance talk about it, or You do come bonus shine too elegant works that there take shape a bucket of water on a glass day insist then deliver it
  • 07:32: Vidura possible can yell at two buckets Share or three to two buckets here add radiance became many on a bucket of water works all gorgeous stream there is another trick it concerns their meters and over the eyes is the removal of the wedge flowers know pretty especially when large forces of paints Petkov eggplant early and they start and Sidamo this nucleus aysor my eggplant for the purpose or Friday
  • 08:00: good why there because that does not grow and he switches begins to drop one this pure dance or 20 . I mean switch it welling pepper sort of 01 court but smaller Breastplate the taste is not to increase green mass itself bush does not grow it he stopped I switched and you then this course plant out but you started fruit you sozhet ground he did not He further entrenched bone does not increase he doctors the oven
  • 08:30: a little pepper and you must first to the growth of bush and then that pub or Chamber understand yes pieces he rooted He became good health strong then growing fruit pepper these same therefore recommendations very easy to remove feast flowers pepper on the same yes parcels remove and mortgages without stems but not there florets new times such a feat remove why do we only without stems Blessed live
  • 09:00: forming shop about pinching arm bet you I pinched by at least for itself it looks like a drunk RV nipping As to teach them Now tall hybrids greenhouses and on speaking website human growth if you of course not before Suica you there no pinching is not it will need the same same as with tomatoes you know I'm not alone
  • 09:30: first clean color I developed to send as rule in divorce and Is there peppers there luggage only I had tidy more I began with its Statement to 3-4 act grown and starts again Pritvits turn this version too tidy and Philip on women are important what will it be but I said already over the reaction of about ten fifteen both will Russia's need to I beer has to grow if
  • 10:00: you want something a bit earlier this procedure can be but do leave Statement 56 bushes to dine in June month end or the beginning of July if you want a common Harvest to collect it procedure is imminent in no case so think for yourself as you will be better plant 200 shrubs q bend one of Two peppers or 10 I will plant it's very crop path gather
  • 10:31: selects in that adulthood the other does not blocked or little concerned each other if the show rarely losing landing Harvest too thick paste to the same We lose the crop to 5 It depends on the height watch your pepper salted lower your counter remember quarrels what not to look habit that is its width of pepper bought for more These popravochku on as the density of delivery
  • 11:01: Typically such a common as not skololsya somewhere 40 centimeters high Russia already there 60 but this is again a sort see what it height width of it for we have a very powerful then our shrubs