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Bodifleks from Greer Childers for a face and a neck - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: for many years all I had was a program that covered the body but now I have designed a program for the face only so here's the way it goes we're gonna start with our outside of our mouth so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do the breathing then we're gonna apply gentle pressure right to this area okay and then we're gonna be moving up this line we're gonna work under the eyes we're gonna work the forehead we're gonna work
  • 00:31: the jowls and in the temple area okay so you just watch move up one more time those muscles in this area
  • 01:10: now we're gonna work under the eye okay a little bit
  • 01:44: and when we apply pressure we live just
  • 02:17: okay ah now we move to the forehead the eyes
  • 02:51: okay and we'll just work our way up and as you're applying pressure you live what and of course right between your eyes
  • 03:30: we're gonna lift there too one more time
  • 04:07: now we're gonna incorporate one of my favorites I called the lion we make a low Oh like this which works all these muscles in unison then we're gonna stick our tongue out which works under our chin and neck and down into here like this then what we're gonna do is we're
  • 04:38: gonna look up because it works under the eyes so the end result looks like this it's great it looks funny but it's great okay watch it's the best in my opinion of all
  • 05:12: facial exercises and of course now I call this the ugly face it works under here in your neck area okay and this is an area that we want to be concerned about - okay what we're gonna do is we take our bottom teeth and put them over our top teeth like this mm-hmm and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna cut it stretch our neck out and up like this so we're getting a big stretch right down here okay so now we do our breathing and then we do the position and you'll feel a real big stretch okay
  • 05:43: watch after every program that you do with your body always incorporate the facial muscles congratulations on taking the first step and being a younger healthier more vital you you