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  • 00:00: Today we will prepare pasties in a bowl sift add flour literally 5-6 drops vegetable oil pinch of salt and a good grind flour with butter and salt hands trying fingers knead under the oil lumps of flour
  • 00:30: small portions adding water and knead pretty dough Here is the dough
  • 01:00: about we should get We wrap it in food and film leave for 40 to 60 minutes at room temperature for this time and swell horsemeat will naturally very convenient to operate it becomes elastic it will be easy rolled out yet in our dough maintained prepare the filling places in forcemeat add the onions can be him through
  • 01:30: grinder or grind in a blender or just a small chop with a knife in season with salt pepper not millions well to mix minced meat was plastic and day was not too much good air his repulse throwing bowl, he will have more tender add minced some water or
  • 02:00: broth he should have succeed such consistency thick cream from this pasties get even more juicy that's so good Knead stuffing and remove the bowl with meat in the refrigerator 30 minutes on our dough It has been cut out roll out its tourniquet little will submit it just kata and harness
  • 02:33: divided by the same pieces each up piece weight obtained about 60 g open work surface flour if necessary if you have the dough it did not work too If you want to cool little liner flour then we added at rolling out a little flour and roll out Here such here flannel cake excess flour can
  • 03:05: shake make it easier glued together and filling spread on the middle of the stuffing and flatten it and connect the edges tchebourek at if necessary, edges of the dough bad you can merge lubricate the edge of the dough water here and so rolled slightly rolling pin to to batter us
  • 03:35: better and fastened along the edge stroll fork it is also in order to have a liquid of not tchebourek leaking I skillet pan wok and heated vegetable oil it is desirable that the oil had a lot to cheburek inside them free-swimming if it is less than a will absorb the fat and put hot oil our cheburek fry it on the one hand to Ruddy on average
  • 04:06: fire or grow and bring to a readiness ready pasties spread on paper towels our pasties ready Thank you that you were with We are preparing a site at home I wish you a pleasant appetite