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  • 00:00: These are the peppers nose rose cottage I'm going to do with them
  • 00:57: salad wish to prepare a salad here this pepper that I today exploded at itself pepper 3 kilograms and cut I have it on here such slices 3 kg pepper Now we need more
  • 01:27: three kilograms Tomatoes also I'm talking about and cut beetle we all will be together with others now I still need a spirit so I
  • 02:02: cut semicircles kilo of onions is I call links house all almost grown on giving a kilo of onions kilogram of cucumbers here I see cucumbers brushed sheep if young handles You do not need to be cleaned I kilogram of cucumbers circling sliced
  • 02:33: slices and I still We need kilogram carrot carrot we're fine and we Ministry of Culture a kilo of carrots and then we should all mix all mix but
  • 03:05: at the same time we add half liter vegetable oil liter of vegetable oil 60 g salt salt coarse and fine purchase 60 grams of salt and 60 grams of vinegar vinegar nine percent
  • 03:37: even half a spoon tea half bitter red It can be bitter black pepper all of us it should stir and leave I leave for the night to our salad it needs to be soaked
  • 04:07: mix well to our salad well soaked let it be said servants, and then we we will boil we cook 45 minutes is us will roll sterilized banks salad and very very tasty and the I recommend
  • 04:38: you do and try and so I passed the night here we are at night were our salad after all, he is so tired and Suppose now that a lot of juice juice for now we it will boil 45 minutes and then roll up the banks