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Slippers a hook with a high heel. "Сирень". 2nd part. Crochet slippers. - YouTube

Slippers a hook with a high heel. "Сирень". 2nd part. Crochet slippers. - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: outsole is written out a second tie sole fold them and Make sure that the number of loops on fight in the soles the same starting is knitted up slipper on the toe We find the midsole secondary loop is something like this Collar of this
  • 00:33: loop is knitted two air hinges sc to do hook and provyazyvaem number of columns to sc hide the thread knitting
  • 01:05: knit so the circle provyazyvaem last loop ranks and connective loop join series Now need to left knit loops 3
  • 01:32: column, without sc 1 2 three unfold knitting and secondarily loop is not in 1 second provyazyvaem starting from the second Loop 7 columns without
  • 02:00: nakida January 2 3 45
  • 02:32: 67 Make sure that Knit 7 stitches exactly knit sole center we continue to knit Up next row knit columns without sc starting with
  • 03:01: the second loop first We skip knit in second provyazyvaem all series of loops Now knit series down two
  • 03:30: hinges on their soles too provyazyvaem column, without sc roll out description and start provyazyvat number of the second loop first We skip knit in second
  • 04:19: knit row Now as well as in previous case
  • 04:31: provyazyvaem two loops on a pillow unfold knitting missing the first loop in second provyazyvaem each loop
  • 05:18: Knit row and the same as in the previous case provyazyvaem two loops on the sole
  • 05:30: unfold knitting and repeat and in this manner we continue knitting sock to the desired length I took out I needed the width of the slipper to determine the width slipper do fitting and then you will be Do you need to understand more make additions or adding already
  • 06:00: enough I have turned 21 loop in a row after me fitting this width enough following ranks no need to knit adding this is done so provyazyvayutsya all hinge series also provyazyvayutsya 2 tabs on the bottom
  • 06:34: unfolds knitting and continue knitting missing first loop 1 2 2 loops are missing and knit into the third loop also provyazyvaya each loop to the end of the series
  • 07:00: knit row provyazyvaem two loops on the pillow unfold knitting and begin 3 is knitted with the loop the first two loops skip
  • 07:32: We continue to crochet the desired length to us yet about four or five I knit more rows five rows without adding this height have me Now I have enough I start vyvyazyvayut
  • 08:00: a heel portion slipper knit row down sole and We start provyazyvat columns, without sc loop
  • 08:34: in order to slippers better to sit on the leg We need to increase a heel portion slipper to do this layout define the central loop on the heels of her We reckon 10 stitches two or three times to the right 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 09:03: loop fix and 10 loops reckon left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 fix this loop series we started to knit columns, without sc
  • 09:32: before reaching the marked loop marker 3 loops need provyazat polustolbikom with sc for smooth transition February 1 three remaining sts
  • 10:01: marked with a marker provyazyvaem columns with sc so to knit loops marked with a marker knit loops
  • 10:30: columns with sc to a loop marked marker following three loops need provyazat polustolbik with sc
  • 11:02: and continue to knit remaining sts columns, without sc dovyazali to toe of the slipper provyazyvaem last loop
  • 11:31: Now rises to sock find loop with which We began a series of provyazyvaem it connective loop unfold knitting skip the first loop and to the second loop vyvyazyvayut bars
  • 12:01: without so knit sc to the little corner where we connected to the sole and sock Knit number reached to the corner of the place compound soles and us to
  • 12:30: provyazyvaem last loop number of angular loop skip rises on the toe provyazyvaem connective loop turn around the first loop skip and begin knit with the second
  • 13:03: columns, without sc as provyazyvaem and all of the remaining rows so I knit two a number of the next row need to do the addition of heels carried over to the marker the latest poison
  • 13:35: in this series of needed central marker count fifteen loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  • 14:00: the same amount We must reckon and left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 we continue to knit columns, without sc
  • 14:34: 3 loops before a marker of one-two-three you need to knit polustolbiki with sc
  • 15:01: all other loops knit to marker column with sc knit loops column with sc following after
  • 15:30: Marker 3 loops provyazyvaem polustolbikom the remaining loops knit columns, without sc to the corner tabs this series we will
  • 16:01: The last Poets it is necessary to knit circle provyazyvaem last loop number of missing angular loop and turn on the loop us to knit and so the circle all loops
  • 16:30: provyazyvaem with slippers high heel associated decorate sneakers It can be any known you way I decorated and slippers so now show how done
  • 17:01: sc to do hook, enter the hook in the previous number is not next and previous We drag the thread is not provyazyvaem again sc on the hook We introduce the hook in loop and the thread is pulled all loops on hook provyazyvaem one loop
  • 17:35: provyazyvat such way is necessary through loop then the slippers on the foot will sit tight skip the loop It should also be vyvyazyvayut two eyelets
  • 18:06: again to sc hook and through loop provyazyvaem loop knit so on around here are sledochki slippers at I get
  • 18:30: in this model is given calculation for size 37 38 sole knitting consider thickness yarn hook number, knitting density knit with happy luck