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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel today you I tell both half an hour to cook Here's a biscuit for which we You need a bag vanillin or vanilla sugar 4 150 grams of chicken egg sugar 150 g wheat flour teaspoon of baking 3 teaspoons baking soda acetic acid We pour add to Yulia's policy
  • 00:33: never add about getting outside but you housing 2. is such oil should turn on
  • 01:04: increased volume about 3 times extinguish acid our baking soda slightly add 3 teaspoons vinegar quenching the reaction went stir and adding to the darkness not here the same night pretty
  • 01:34: So I sought funny healthy brain all the way received our biscuit dough such sparse
  • 02:06: delicious smelling Well, here in this form baking resin-devil paper and here we spread our dough we put bake
  • 02:45: using a sponge the dough in the oven preheated to 180 20 degrees Celsius minutes have passed 20 minutes many places
  • 03:19: baking from a critic concealed towel leave to cool for 40 Here's a biscuit in You turned me a nezhnenko delicious smelling fast cooked if you like our recipe set huskies subscribe
  • 03:51: Canal pleasant appetite and to new meetings in the new recipes