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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel today we you will prepare pita bread for cooking lavash We need respectively cook the dough dough we Cook without yeast for this take 350 grams wheat flour sypanut in a bowl we do here a slight indentation add there somewhere
  • 00:36: half teaspoon salt Food slightly here adds two tablespoons vegetable oil any and here the start enter quietly 200 grams only that boiling water but not
  • 01:06: just hot boiled water somewhere degrees 50 60 Celsius you involved our dough just so we pretty hot all that we could
  • 01:39: spoon you are now missing have handles Now hands a dough hot to say
  • 02:09: so much lukewarm there tinsel inside felt that it fine because Now you have scored there Repeat this procedure 60 must be 65 degrees Celsius that is, they boiled, I waited. kneading the dough
  • 02:44: Basically that's the dough ready to become It is not sticky shorter pretty elastic and stretches this is our Puff dough on pita and NATO is now we must put it relax in this capacity set
  • 03:15: plenochkoj food part and for 20-30 minutes to give him rest passed 25 minutes can be seen that the dough just a little So he paid a little flour
  • 03:47: strew such sausage made not great divide old plastic card on equal slices here every 7 wherein the 2 3 4 7 parts of it until
  • 04:22: side we do this patty talking about its bouquet sides We begin to roll out flour should not be here rolling out the floor in something needs to be thick no more than two ie millimeters millimeter and a half so I bought did
  • 04:55: I took cover in this pan I then bake and here of the inner diameter like cover more You Do pita here You see taking shape take old plastic card and so here on the edge cut off extra tidy here
  • 05:27: a pita stones obtained Now before onchon yet he would go too much Dish hurt so again online mode patty with two sides roll that can be roll
  • 05:57: if the stick again flour table-rayed 5 Top checks which is not terrible just
  • 06:27: neatly on our work cover treasured card where plastic Money has long been no here is our pita bread for baking give another online mode, do
  • 06:58: spending close to you turned the Cup night workers do flour patty bone should womage get Again, I do not see
  • 07:51: of your sex that is the thickness of the well is slightly more than double two millimeters 5 and a half now! It is not exactly the principle the middle of the middle thin seen our cap
  • 08:21: flu and so on put on the fire to warm up griddle somewhere
  • 08:54: 8 minutes on well glowed here at I max Nine here and I'm here to Seven and bake also at seven you are focusing on their plate Well now let's try to online mode bake our people warmed leave
  • 09:26: our traps and look Here you can see the bubbles there's all time to turn as many bubbles light to drink a whole is both Crunchy somewhere We count to 10, you can
  • 09:58: read on glazik and our traps ready practically that's the same with the other the river went pita ready he bends that bends hot to a similar on a wooden plank Now I will show wooden board and just live and about
  • 10:29: Stan about the system injection and cover necessarily summed up the towel went on our Arrange the dough put I, in principle,
  • 11:00: We find ourselves as it is some schools it does not wait for bubbles there face He appears here squeeze a little bit the smell went a couple on the other side here a little
  • 11:35: overexpose they start so to speak West already appears It said, in principle, enough even now remove some water and convoy did not go following
  • 12:07: Now I have all tonyusenkie recall such tonyusenkie too leather gently We also tonyusenkoy quickly need here general plovers rain there is no further level puzyrechki went there you enough
  • 12:38: show that there practically it is on bubbles cook went from 350 gram flour we've got 10 here such lavashikov they
  • 13:08: Ten minutes so lie down to rest their land passed on to here are a plate Butterflies have turned we put the huskies we subscribe to channel if you enjoyed it until we meet again until till