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Classical Massage of a stomach. Kazakevich Vitaly - YouTube carries out  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: classical massage Belly pour oil navel and begin do massage follows every move We perform four companies exactly
  • 00:38: show it's good after all around the issue Osmanov bye bye it is okay we can immediately
  • 01:01: make intestines stomach it at all Is it possible to correctly Christ, if we done properly it that are beginning to work Bella was hurrying
  • 01:30: abrasion just capture them can be heated circular put on God and stroking a kind of stroking combined
  • 02:01: 600 like schnitzels union combined under you
  • 02:41: 54 to the same first we do massage on the forest band then massage name to massage
  • 03:01: small intestine just switching and end With 3 active points Slot-machine
  • 03:44: we have specifically but I clicked on the slide on
  • 04:00: 12 that the new ostentatious anoint serve no longer give wax us time to our now go stomach massage which is located all knew he enters So hence those who it
  • 04:31: initial position masseur right the patient's hands are always ie, the mass of the stomach It starts with this stroking separately successively goes on
  • 05:03: for the same trajectory making simple everytime 109 times 4 as you can see every we welcome through alternate
  • 05:40: position can be do not, and can most importantly what you main also there are four times separately successively stroking ass remained
  • 06:08: in my fault as it will help the 8th concussion how to make Tremors in here. the ribs is reflected
  • 06:32: and what is useful omashnem stomach weight over now go yourself, then small intestine which is located in the center of the abdomen and we working basics around the navel of
  • 07:00: small diameter and It begins as always on his guard like how do you remember is performed in slower pace since negative nervous system work different kinetic signals are transmitted slow this does not work
  • 07:34: i.e very important sequence massage the abdomen and You can not always be angry must be ended similar to mom helps
  • 08:05: account number became so where it was parting things but gone take down the yes go another the time necessary for clockwise we We are working
  • 08:45: scary pie panorama a rock 6 place your feet
  • 09:03: July 3 Legal mom called . order and our scooters on soot small intestine of the special nuances no he and now we go on thick massage bowel and work during the ascending descending colon intestine directly ie here on this
  • 09:30: path and It begins with us all As always with the position of stroking here It has done this less interesting first position option of hiking height. or 54 campaign for the same
  • 10:02: most it is seen not
  • 10:32: position 3 variant then two hands already more burdened us as if there are remains food expels It starts here who walk italiano
  • 11:00: 14 falling on it four fingers and so here, as it were for here is a Indirect not under 45 degrees if we want push here it is very important to go on I even go there for sure something like this just authors but mazda
  • 11:31: that was includes here we have one of of movement 3 shows memorized tank
  • 12:23: but so he had killed 2
  • 12:41: all could not stand it Natasha came to buy effleurage pat oble not We want to have to lower belly
  • 13:02: spring mocks 9 I disputed surface multiply on 10 very satisfied and
  • 13:31: completing the legal important to understand matter how much maybe thick sash bowel completed and now go on sagem here we active points 1 point
  • 14:01: It is somewhere one point in Chinese one here easy and obvious here just below 2. 3 here here here still going umbilical artery can be very feel good it fights with you such control point and start with massage
  • 14:48: soon. also himself story obviously a parenthesis
  • 15:19: a cheese deeper and pomosh
  • 15:35: and so three times go again the first point we do stroking trituration crap to paradise.
  • 16:01: smoothing man swinging by stroking abrasion only probably force pressure of the manipulation It is like the skin I rubs more active finger and After completing poglazhu seen that Leather elect finger was just one and arrive at 30 here Example probed if We got lost
  • 16:30: We test the waters Artel it on the fingers etsya overlaid our oil rubs and more After 5 it was the second This time the price of 1 March
  • 17:01: grindings their style OK + Commissioner's our
  • 17:36: at the end of the general Legal name of and on that belly weight It can be completed patient