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  • 00:00: Welcome to the my channel viewers it is just a short Video from the category about decorating dishes and Today I will show a very simple way how to make a rose from tomatoes in fact you need tomato and you need Knife blade should be sharp, and now we We must not begin with but this side from above We start to clean peel a tomato In the way that lead in a circle
  • 00:31: it is desirable that you the skin is not cut short ie Pyrrha spiral all this is here Pruning is best to take tomato that such tverdenky natural pulp tomatoes you can then use some of their dishes I just now do appetizer of zucchini and I actually to it add
  • 01:01: purified tomato here at NATO from kulechka from tomatoes and now it remains the case for small we simply turn off turn off turn off Here is such a rosette
  • 01:40: I have obtained that your rose and kept on the shape plate not Spreads we take a toothpick and toothpick pierce all over length naturally redundant extra toothpick we We need to break off it has not been seen here such a joy and we
  • 02:14: It turned out I'll take one tomato and will demonstrate again cleanse spiral conduct introduced just peel all We cleared and begin wrap just without any there twisting
  • 02:44: everything else we turn our peel turned turn over and then we have such a beautiful beautiful flower You can leave naturally on plate and the issue but for he is
  • 03:14: unwinds why do I fix Again toothpick and extra toothpick cut or break off That is now Decoration with tomatoes I got such Here on a plate rose from my appetizer squash just as which all went tomato flesh I
  • 03:44: I wish you all a pleasant appetite of course decorated food is much better eat more pleasant eat