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  • 00:00: Hello hello Today I take video about wider dress as well as what I'm doing turn this the video will be divided into two parts in the first the video will talks about make a copy of it patterns in the layout tissue and a second portion video directly went himself and dresses results and so we need to sewing dresses certainly Journal I Journal bought Burda Fashion last October 2013 Greeks then college ruled pen
  • 00:30: chalk scissors tape measure and cloth fabric I bought half meter You will need fabric the length of your product plus the length of the sleeve's the markup is not that you need but there is a plus allowances + margin of 5 cm and so dress our we sew on the pattern was da Mota from this 122 blouse, and we will be its upgrade dress patterns, we
  • 01:00: are looking for black outlines on c patterns sheet size I would have chosen for myself 36 as the dress will be to go on the figure Pattern text and c reshoot hands group we detail 23 Again, three pole the dimensions we are looking our line while there is straight with dots and find the black Our lines of the pattern
  • 01:30: 23 Room 23 is our angle detail Now we take our decompose so now you can not sliding our paper and redrawn on tracing paper
  • 02:01: pen on Chevy nitrite size 6 reshoot papillomas and we must mark all the lines the middle line lobar thread on sleeve we will folds necessarily all point to Then was our more accurate pattern all perfect this bug Sim back part
  • 03:02: our blouses and our further dress This 22 piece again retake the village all marks that all dashes Then there were no borders problems all sections where they should be lobar line thread before the middle of the have all all thinking of some Other Boards and shrubs that rocket again the bottom dropped it all All bars mark or be
  • 03:33: and so removed Getting our world Our 22 and reshoot is not forget our Dash size 36 now our patterns
  • 04:18: willing to our line rear portion and arms here we have written to what number we Burda pattern number 2013 Pattern anything Flight number 122 to then later when we want use this the pattern for sewing products Beau blouses or lengthening the dress it was more convenient length find our patterns all we clearly Rene noted that then postpone directly itself tissue, and now we
  • 04:48: We can begin to exhale on the layout the tissue itself and then directly to sewing and so decompose fabric vymeryat that was all rovnenko and
  • 06:26: so here Krut
  • 07:00: So Pattern
  • 08:24: finished cut when you removed all Natka this is what should it will have rear part front of the village were dropped sleeves and not begin tailoring dresses thanks for all attention to all until