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  • 00:00: I can see where the prosecutor can we Attorney I welcome you Dear friends today we have not afraid of the word nyashny release dedicated himself beautiful prosecutor Crimea and possibly the entire planet earth Natalia Poklonsky what a beautiful Natalia received growing in popularity especially in the world Japan thanks his comely video appearance with
  • 00:30: press conference with involving 34-year-old women gained more million views on youtube demanded us also this prosecutor and and regular features face and big eyes appropriate Beauty canons Japanese characters anime inspired her fans at creating drawings with the image of Natalia oh how lovely our our Natasha Natalia Poklonskaya I was born in the Crimean region March 18, 1982 year believe that it thirty-three and twenty four and twenty-six maximum girl completed branch
  • 01:00: Kharkov university of Interior in Yevpatoriya worked Prosecutor General's Office just for the sake of Ukraine It was worth the Crimea brother March 25 attorney general Russia Yury Chaika his order He appointed Natalia Poklonsky performing duties prosecutor of the republic Crimea only prosecutor who really excited criminal proceedings request notice that a few men deputy last Attorney We refused this post because the fear of violence the goods which it you who himself took the music itself is not We took them far longer Colonel have
  • 01:31: today I was promoted to senior adviser and elements known uniform yet added but at this rank Natalia not stop It is going on today and Lew raised pci is not a ever and rank and older General will mung higher than a Natalia gave birth immediately the whole car Mom fans not like the girl she attorney general mad h Crimea marry me I soon uni I will finish you help every day at home and love you I poured benz in their feelings
  • 02:01: Recognize and our Japanese friends I think these comments They moved up to the highest bidder deeply and she sure they answer Here's a she Natalia Poklonskaya foremost republic prosecutor Crimea nobody She left untouched We wish her good luck in difficult trade and excerpts and patience and finally with human recognition difficult name and apparently the fate of Timur broken ears as well well done Natasha and success whether to allow all good luck and until