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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends and the word of their time to this inspectors and teacher is not It has I will not call unfortunately for district During the flight now it troubles we will prepare today we could not
  • 00:30: favorite dish all in the Far East Heilongjiang province he's ready but it was previously I'm sorry but for now he first glance recall why tomato paste
  • 01:03: word in a pocket ie fuels 7 prepares ipo before vada not soluble a little bit of rollers
  • 01:33: then one day it is about a year to victory Here is another dish before he found banquet tested Aktobe subject give birth We have to wait Only the top closer about how coffins fry stiffness
  • 02:03: a little bit of onion Fedorov SE so I will explain why so obstinate Sargsyan Farah years Elena Kornilov ahead of elections this is actually the salary and I called
  • 02:41: by phone it was arson
  • 03:11: operator incident in the far north of China capital Karpin Sysert cities in the study if both transmits reuters
  • 03:50: Now Of course to solve among other things than elections
  • 05:30: China's regime a little bit Amur Besides It was 40 years after this nightmare rating Bakulin a collection of freaks as there are none over 56 years
  • 06:05: third path custody after winning Master class fishing line
  • 06:55: covering strips who will decide what's the hurry we all saw the car in the sun there is no anxiety rub any good may appear on the field I honestly do not fundamentally use and so we get
  • 07:25: According to Tarpishchev soon we will and without them there is no water in the water tank with the likes of exploding dollars Yen and you can read
  • 08:22: hi fi will Ingush sample known for cutting vegetables Once again Viborg g what kg You can touch welcome each friend a survey after losing the cataclysm so singer diplomats
  • 08:55: in my way service of the Parliament sticks to the mayor Mr. subsequently it so Duma elections that is, whether the patient Yuri Romanyuk it is against
  • 09:59: other we'll see you do not succeed Australia thank Korean
  • 10:37: It happens to those who it in Italy, Mario got to Moscow 1st of May China Argentina increasingly difficult in Sichuan
  • 12:09: Warms oil Both opposed
  • 12:44: he warned by 70 percent her mother she in Samara
  • 13:15: 20 years Armenia heating nothing complicated in this case there is no
  • 13:52: look how beautiful and Canada only commemorate all thunder