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  • 00:00: today we are with you start cooking sourdough to us need white and rye flour and capacity is not desirable use plastic dishes since lactic acid fermentation is highlighted acids that can react class oil take glass jar best suited two-liter pour in the banks but 2 tablespoons rye and white flour now pour water in the end
  • 00:32: we have to get sour cream dough similar consistency let's start the ferment warm boiled so they mixed the ferment was obtained from we are consistency of liquid sour cream now close jar with a piece polyethylene package we press with elastic further in our lid you need to do hole hole there must be a lot
  • 01:02: not less than 50 60 the starter is quite necessary cook and room temperature the only thing claim that place where is the bank sourdough or must stand on drafts perfect fit some kind of closing a shelf and so have passed day note there are a lot of bubbles but it often happens that in a day of bubbles very few nothing wrong with
  • 01:32: this is not the case feed sourdough add warm water and stir again cover our piece of polyethylene with a rubber band if on we add holes and again put the jar ferment for a day at torture was another day one more day
  • 02:02: we look that at us for vowel at this stage we feed for kvass double portions add 4 spoons each type close with elastic band if necessary we add several Yet holes in the ba cleaning and putting
  • 02:32: again on the shelf and so two more days passed look at our but as leaven first thing you need cancel see a large number of liquid this means then that we are few fed the leaven that is, she was already the time sufficiently active this is what we are going on It was not enough for anything terrible in this no bookmark wants and tomorrow and cheese and we will be the starter . now we have
  • 03:03: The next task is this we need to leaven first save for so that we can I know the furnace constantly bread and secondly tomorrow we need bake the first bread on this sourdough so we take in a separate container me it's liter bank now in this bank we should only be poured leaven how old are we necessary for one baking bread Chicken tomorrow I plan for
  • 03:33: this sourdough bake bran bread for me on he needs 220 grams yeast we just the more I pour in fighter 250 grams for class rest leaven is not for us we need it can give to give well or for Is it useless amount of starter we will always be stay in the bank tomorrow we will select hence 220 milliliters starter from this
  • 04:05: banks therefore to us here it is necessary to pour in a total of 220 gram of flour and water well can be a little more you can add flour any one kind but I always add white and rye flour in half and 120 grams water is so now leaven of foot and put the leaven on floor about a day after maybe a little earlier
  • 04:35: it is necessary to her see if leaven throws air means it ready for baking bread and so passed day look but the leaven it foams becomes air if you tilt the jar it is clearly visible well and even heard now with half of this I'm baking sourdough
  • 05:05: bread and the second I will cover half of it cover and put in fridge from our for the eyes turned out that's so beautiful loaf of bread with each at once the leaven will be become stronger and philipp will to rise even better Bon Appetit be healthy and up to meetings in new rollers