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Video subtitles:
  • 00:12: and today we learning to knit big terry poppy us need 2 dear not we add strings twice and proceed to
  • 00:31: knitting knit sliding loop 2 and loops 1 and air 2 then inside sliding hinges provyazyvaem 16
  • 01:00: columns with one sc and here is now ready pulling the end thread contractible sliding loop and
  • 01:33: connecting the first and the latest of a number of loop through connecting loops then make sc on hook-and-miss in the basis of one the following loop loop vdevaem hook and knit column one
  • 02:00: then sc provyazyvaem and 1 bar with one sc in the same point Then knit 3 column with two sc in the same point
  • 02:36: 1 2
  • 03:01: three and two columns with one nakida again the same point 1 and 2 then skip one loop in the base and next st provyazyvaem column
  • 03:34: sc without further knitting is repeated just as well and this one row knit now the first loop knit coupling loop the following loop provyazyvaem column without sc and then
  • 04:06: the same loop provyazyvaem post with one sc Further knit 3 column two sc in one loop provyazyvaem so three times 1 column with two
  • 04:32: sc in the same the second loop column two and third nakida column two sc to the same
  • 05:00: So we repeat yet twice following loop provyazyvaem 3 with two column sc 1 2 and 3
  • 05:30: and the last time We repeat the same the next loop provyazyvaem 3 column two sc 1 column then the second column and the third column
  • 06:04: next st grounds provyazyvaem post with one sc and there same provyazyvaem column, without sc and last loop knit coupling loop and that's leaf ready all subsequent
  • 06:30: leaves knit exactly as now the number dovyazan through and further share our thread on the two parts 2 strings and will knit only 1 thread the following loop provyazyvaem column
  • 07:01: sc without further every loop knit 7 columns with one sc and repeat 12 since January 1 2
  • 07:36: 3 4 5
  • 08:01: 6 and 7 and even just in the each loop provyazyvaem 7 repeating loops, and more 11 times and now I knit latest loop knit
  • 08:30: column, without sc and hereinafter the same way binds others now the number of leaves dovyazan through and can be cut thread just provyazyvaem another a flower now we go to knitting stamens them we
  • 09:01: We will knit from yarn dark blue vdevaem hook between columns first a number seize the blue thread and provyazyvaem 11 air loop January 2 three four five six
  • 09:37: seven eight nine 1011 Now vdevaem hook between the following posts and We take out the work thread provyazyvaya
  • 10:02: coupling loop Then repeat the same thing again knit 11 stitches and
  • 10:31: attach stamen between the following columns using connective loop and so knit up end and now a number of Knit until the end central part vi. We will decorate with using a felt ball light green color
  • 11:01: using needles we do needlework to cross cross on our cloud ball
  • 11:42: It happened just as he present poppy and now left to collect our the pieces together so It looks ready magician It left only with live and to
  • 12:00: permanent place