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  • 00:03: [music] overlook someone to replace ask those who it has not bought those who has a knife on it Now blunted look at the two most popular ways the first way of producer sewing machines he suggests buttonhole cut with a cloth so called edge joints to simplify
  • 00:31: challenges to such noise Attached is such Now if the foot is the truth this method you interest you will have to buy it separately and set this foot very easy to press remove lever feet universal and omitting rounders holder install
  • 01:01: adaptation [music] and a second variant acanthus vanie joints in
  • 01:32: a previous I showed clips you of tilter that does not regulated it if you remember Here is attached to this Now Adapter Adapter turn screwed screw Bun holder sewing typewriter and now look attention here on this remarkable adaptation which is here a regulator
  • 02:00: allowing use oblique Bakey different width including run their own manufacture of tilter very easy to refill it does not need no tricks and devices when you have given birth in the hole tilter and Bakey We need a little slowdown twist stopper to inlay there was tightly and the screw
  • 02:33: also but of course finalize you adjust will generate when will sew sample Now device can be set in place foot on the sewing car by the way the installation It could not be easier one movement dropping in the foot other traffic
  • 03:01: We set about tilter and can start necks after a few stitches we have to make sure that the line passes on the edge and after edging You can then paste in fabric tilter [music]
  • 03:48: Now look at the result as you can see result great and now consider
  • 04:00: results of our Labor here is this very land of forests which we performed using Here is such a foot this seam is done two options larger smaller this cloth inflicted turns saxony It looks like a seam pretty good Well, that's our one hag the seam is bigger and
  • 04:30: It looks smaller I have pity concerning border edging great I recall what they were doing we have it here at such a tilters create or that adjustable width and the next time we consider others Crazy seams to help you replace the Visa Office on forehead thin fabrics stay here
  • 05:02: [music]