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How to clear memory of the computer? Cleaning of a disk C in Windows. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Dear visitors Site teruro point someone in this video lesson I would like you talk about cleaning Disc drives it inner memory our computer on local disks another is called Winchester, he often all divided into two part c and on the drive drive d, and they regularly clogged and should be their cleared of unnecessary information and unnecessary files, and since it do we go to my let the computer First clean the disk c
  • 00:31: All this is done very easy to push Right-click select the disk c click Properties, and here we select the item Disk Cleanup Now all files users on this computer too select item take specified few questions and in xp and others if I I am not mistaken is not but if specified set press continue and even so forth like that press in general here
  • 01:01: Now program cleaning estimates The amount of space when a lot of unnecessary files, it may but then take this is written It may take A couple of minutes Now I really estimated number minutes because many files only a week no I cleaned up a lot I typed my advice
  • 01:31: somewhere in time and clean week to avoid pollute your disk Now all stand stand here tick if you are somewhere not are then put down that is, let's say empty cell Left click here click here volume vacated space 419 GB it many fine enough click ok given by issue and confirm Now delete the files is disk cleanup it is way too may take a few if a lot of minutes but too purify more often if every
  • 02:05: week will be clean it is not very clean will be hammered so do it regularly So there is a process cleaning all not he cleaned and press ok and also make disk d right click click Properties Files cleanup drive all users
  • 02:35: continue today will score again but I estimate held fast only in a basket press ok remove happening removal process here and actually Everybody got a small, simple lesson press ok nothing the complex is not here do it regularly and your problems computer will less thank you for attention and see you next lesson