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Master class correct massage of a back. Training center of the Greek. - YouTube

Master class correct massage of a back. Training center of the Greek. - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:04: My name is Alan Sergey G. Now I'll show you massage on her back it is very easy to application and can be used home Now we will doing a back massage the easiest and which can be simple It will even make in
  • 00:30: house that is put oil on back anyway our sleep bass for some no special conventional oil grape seed most common is well absorbed his body well can perceive
  • 01:01: Sesame can be there apricot kernel I have all sorts of I use not to native bone all designed massage the fact that relax paravertebral this field here these near the spine they affect how they
  • 01:30: affect all there are very much card nerve such endings Power is or in the brain and on calls as here hence the food is on the handle that is if It will be bad circulation here that there should be for just under the shoulder blades this will lead to
  • 02:00: arthrosis blades shoulder joints It hurts very simple we stand for and do very fast
  • 02:33: spiraling Their movements do two or three times after this wet slightly with pressure but I to pump limit Fury all congestion blood banks We wanted to talk on head to but that is not the side
  • 03:00: as a regular there Beach yes it is the foundation of namely Chinese kind they make from head if any other massage techniques that have classics are contrary to the heart here It is all under the heart ladder also made two or three times
  • 03:31: such motion mainly near Spine Yes Yes Yes it is the basis of our improve circulation just swear regions and blades mostly women
  • 04:00: it's hurt the this field paw these hands a
  • 04:32: how long is like a massage massage depending on how many times you will repeat if three times he It should last somewhere 30 minutes if you make faster it means it stroking you it was wrong was greatly quickly the there's this massage somewhere must it shape in 30 minutes then you are right did exactly
  • 05:00: that is, petting get going the same but only they are repeated until tell us about them that this spiro favorite of movement Plato step or
  • 05:31: ladder then such a move it promotes improvement circulatory it is in the neck section and in the shoulder shoulder joints to some it very painful and so then gently easier to do us
  • 06:07: Of course, it is desirable hair for someone to after that I is shaped upwardly
  • 06:32: It is two steps the middle part of the lower one too stroking too on two or three times but to fulfill it position slowly little need to
  • 07:08: sleeve means a person you can not make any sudden movements ie fast movement will not rest human and vice versa
  • 07:31: Rooney will make it there All movements must be extremely extremely slow neat someone who does massage It should be desirable love that they do just because asked what could
  • 08:01: that can disrupt how hurt massage swords almost anything he beneficial effect both adults and for a child he relaxes and relieves exactly inflammatory processes from the back of the if there is back ill you do not have nothing to do push anything just these stroking movement is pain ie there is a dial tone
  • 08:30: swelling and inflammatory processes because we run the lymph forcing blood improve blood circulation in the parts ie improving All metabolism metabolism all improving
  • 09:24: why so all This can be done only to be dinner courses because now it is
  • 09:30: Too long to explain why such movement because there are all namely structure muscle fibers and that if you are in another it will hand everyone does it will lead to neither a nothing will but good and bad also not just pour You do that for What this massage you do not need
  • 10:01: relax people the ends can be done or
  • 10:33: I want God and msi teaching the end can be verified how muscles relaxed if somewhere not too we have relaxed their such vibratory them to relax the
  • 11:10: all at the end of Now at the end of massage desirable all personal private oil oil or snow Massage over how
  • 11:30: have you seen this massage very simple it can be used both at home on vacation somewhere in the sea do very pilaf many people will the way to approach this if something you interested in this massage it is not a complete massage is only part but this massage rest information please contact me at
  • 12:02: central