Valentin Turchenyuk

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Greatngs my friends desided to release a video about what cars i do repair and paintso today we have an Audi
  • 00:57: 100a6 so there was some rust on lower side of the
  • 01:41: doorsunder the moldnd there was so mucch dirt? it wasnt washes as often as
  • 02:16: it should be so the rust took over / somwhere there was some scratches / we had filled those and primered.and also we took of the front wiebd shield to repair some rus on the roof.some
  • 03:01: time ago this wind shield weree changed and some scratches where maid so it started the
  • 03:32: corrosion? it was so horrible it had a leakage inside of a car.we wil paint
  • 05:06: only a
  • 06:00: half of the roof because it too big, this side also had a coroosion.idea is such i wanted to
  • 06:47: show that i panting in an ordinary garage, so wet all floors with a water do not sweap bekause
  • 08:10: all dirt flies in air
  • 08:56: too long