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  • 00:00: here while deactivate obsohnet we can do kind of thing that's wing and was bit very little of such unpleasant moment this is where one or two three end turns and already casting shaft as possible and to see at a glance before drawing apply putty either immediately
  • 00:30: vyshkurivat all there 1 but we must first the position where the the best point lower According to a circle apply putty qualities and this we will need to bar and take 240 240 skins in this main course press bar In the way that
  • 01:01: he exactly fits to surface immediately I believe I here to time all the first time centuries immediately rushed and state and just need to see
  • 01:52: that there is the upper point that immediately appear be great metal and the lowest point who do not scald yes that is Now it is necessary to us this stage that it is necessary to do so plant that's all the upper point that stick that It was bare to be seen or primer for metal that I have a
  • 02:40: not so special I especially cut off headrest road to and I use it rainfall speakers still remember that not immediately necessary bizde let the center
  • 03:10: sharpening and besiege simpler but here the top of the pit is already here as if in a circle first repulse slowly stand center then again
  • 03:58: take the bar equally and without 40 cloth and pass same method Well, you can see
  • 04:38: Other massages already there is a big but a large plane there is clearly seen that I we are here gorochku It can be seen that the wing has was puttying Crash was then before Here, too, one can see that already more or less leveled the picture on the tip everything is still a terrible and so we once the siege point that stick out and here Such are the line, as it were there was a strike, and that's
  • 05:09: it came out and we here it is necessary to plant again and as far as possible Well, let me once again
  • 06:28: Skurov groups whom 240 sandpaper again pass 240 well where it has already seen
  • 07:44: more than 300 have to there is very low point barely top point but they have such their small but you can retreat from this metal can stretch out and start Walking on this at this step take 240 sandpaper and completely Sasha Revan all glossy full gloss and all that It cracked all paint, and we must all to remove metal Well let all
  • 08:16: 240 sandpaper and sanded it must look so here not to Nowhere was no gloss it is place where you Proposition those places where often emerges corrosion for which we treated brunox and here there defect necessarily you need to lay down at epoxy primer in places where less prone Corrosion just need well cleaned degrease and can
  • 08:46: lay down on top prepared plaster belly Now this being used universal best but it is at hand preferably in the places that are more exposed to the sun Wine lighting top which began to lay down know how our peace good thing
  • 09:17: stir thoroughly and follow it to always rear or side to sleep It was purely plug because you something you go on nothing left will bite off a piece and We begin to put first we start with
  • 09:53: what we impose plentiful layer and better sleep or use the which can bend then on has already been built that must be removed later then try
  • 10:25: let's rustle poklovka was always the width of the spatula there's no such noise We took this to heart and then try spread so if perhaps with a width spatula cleaned the rear side of the can start output both to pick up from
  • 10:55: This picture archive up principal on our amendment in itself the end of the ordered carry tablet same can be Well, remember that while
  • 12:43: and it is not made always somewhere in the two or three approach so the first set the main catch the basic shape of the part to then later on it laid out in Otherwise, you always everyone wants to have a first time putty does not happen at least somewhere sign the form Well, that's something like so he must
  • 13:15: to look like first time soothing surface that is quite smooth strokes course is there still bubbles something but the sweat shallow putty all align Us Home Now catch the basic form of the three wrappers somewhere on the radio somewhere 5 minutes already filed more less We need to harden apply a little bit contrast black that we make it easier to
  • 13:47: shkurit future let the house will begin minutes 15-20 it all depends on temperature and humidity like it here dry starts shkurit herself she already It will be in the simplest of you