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  • 00:01: at at Good afternoon, my name is michael Today twelfth May 2011 but another meeting of the particle producer mutants its network will be laid course vineyard it combines ed the rector and at least show product supply reliable way native most time-consuming part of the operation
  • 00:31: L is surely such pits diameter of 80 centimeters and too deep 80 cm then one showered rubble photo medium size Now tasted RUR m the first 10 of 12 centimeters thick
  • 01:03: Egyptians about Powder work exhibition then navigate said direction such as a major west And 10 inches from the edge of the tank chelyabinets Chinese and plastic pipe diameter 500 millimeters
  • 01:31: then we need two buckets good aged humus are mixed with the same amount here are three spades is also the wind and someone We pour the next morning in front of you adding three spades done right taken from an upper layer when digging good
  • 02:01: mix important detail when I have digging not its fertile soil pits deed and then the names of the primer design mixed in equal parts with interruption and poured on the bottom of the pit Now you see, too, n carefully compacted
  • 02:36: you now see mixed black soil in front of me monkey wakes up layer thickness it will be pleasant 12 to 10 15 cm this carefully unfolds some pit and than
  • 03:03: there boitsya meaning of this operation to ensure cubic adequate food the first time the development is still the coroner system underdeveloped
  • 03:30: from the same earth to be taken bomber brought but they pour four buckets Accreditation for the sarcophagus You can be considered before the ice 6 ounce
  • 04:02: March 12 superficial fertile the answer is simple and topsoil earth wherein first life here and seedlings it will prevent access to the root system As soon as the we here we laid before yet again as carefully when the trombone at the Rams this mayor
  • 04:31: when the earth sediment and damaged corr for delivery of drugs without this enterprise crushed stone year both platforms prevent tetanus m place where dry weather through this tube can produce controversy passion
  • 05:02: Because of all these operations, we p help Russians the remaining year on about 55 centimeters and now we will start direct planting seedlings The following operation the north face youth nokia n900 warm toward the north yet again of land not taken place from the upper layer of the same
  • 05:31: pit We are in favor of such small prestigious school that country call then he will serve tour Krakow with the future of seedlings today 15 Trend 1 to fly screen which will reflect
  • 06:00: radiation source and help our seedlings the unfortunate rise and it is a little so here slightly slowed wars Blokhin Now in particular it happened so improvement
  • 06:30: boys pit Korshunova EU and should be In order to more excessive battle here with them, and in front of a lot of boredom and lies connection to the attack exploits removing quotas from mash century keep the root system of this grape variety Sphinx before ripening put it straighten it
  • 07:02: paintings convenient run sprinkle wet ground and he sapling orient m boutiques Rostelecom any system Nabiullina we come moreover, the boom roots they lay in wet ground
  • 07:32: in general is almost a luxury landing forbidden completed otherwise the root is on the heel a depth of about 50 cm from the level of soil It's enough to prevent freezing seedlings and chrysanthemums future when our climate conditions of all this we fall asleep approximately 50 minute
  • 08:00: a little less than a centimeter layer of soil highly to it by persons not included Prius attack p is not pressed on the root system I would have canceled the roots that have barbs it's education over the last year students of growth then fill during landing battles with water it is not desirable to be a lot
  • 08:31: dinner was According to swamp his kidney that enough m to the soil It oxygenating fundamentally sorry landed three frequently rendered Now grapes on it It was a long stalk because it is slightly higher and it turned out 10 days ago planted example of this was the same level of This sort of Laura and until you see clearly
  • 09:02: here he formed as landing circle ie land and sit evenly together where is the root system ie slightly cracked but that is it develops these seedlings fine ie no damage minutes they cause now I'll show you pieces that were planted earlier Here is Associate Professor of grape Pelevin
  • 09:32: but it was planted there more with decorative purpose as you can see very high trellis last year vine Emma grew June 1 meter you more they reached alas, they jumped to the roof extension porch here on this sun protection game it can no longer Tire cows can my people grade in general, that a little bit this year
  • 10:03: I suffered from frosts but I think recover because of notion Growth on grapes grows from pit This pit is filled with earth no m large supply of additional dormant buds which allows you to restore Acosta valve event and we here freezing or is something else
  • 10:31: unpleasant event shall we say But now, to reach the second round of landing in the dungeon Grape is a sport fortune whom never a bad thing Club besides being short have recognition amazing cous world etc. it turns out pretty good for home consumption natural sweet wine
  • 11:00: here just planted a bush 8 they are still there too, is such Polujan g March 8 time we Chukotka blossomed this spring They were planted the year before last eight minutes of the second year levitation Now just drop in last year's planting then there's a better pit I will not show you this will Yakut
  • 11:30: bud at the wiki this sort of pink Dorenko Used well, in shalashika we built to protect from our pets is in these pits is whether Greece whether cool in order not to break through the Polish which not yet been grapes slightly shielded is here the third year and tation sport that his father These pit filled up completely but here
  • 12:01: initially place a corpse Watering here here they were used Akilov able from plastic bottles vodka in principle, they also perform their function Today, August 22 here it has been exactly three months and 10 days after planting second prize we have seen the beginning of its landing and here's a penny
  • 12:30: bush develops absolutely normal ie increase two meters if not more and it's wait this method works and can be passed on adopted by anyone to do into account Thank you for your attention I will be glad if you learned what the benefit of my recommendations Thank you