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  • 00:00: release sponsor light seller Good day dear our friends, our Subscribers simply my audience channel good and positive He speaks and shows Moscow Russia, and how you You see I'm on
  • 00:32: our pink kitchen but today it goes on the food and Health discussed today go in this release in this report and this was the so to speak message which I came today our group and a group of good positive VKontakte I will not call the name man call him simply Mr. X who sent me your message the next Sergey content Good day think for difficulty
  • 01:02: I would like to ask You kind of thing I've seen an overview on what is your gym bag and I had a the next question is how cure fungus legs which can be give advice on this issue thank you in advance Well call him I thought that their in fact it is topical issues and Today I will give the answer Mr. Peaks and can be all those children who
  • 01:32: I wish to know the answer this question because in fact, this topic is very especially acute As for those who playing sports walketh public places where there is a swimming pool where There is a bath in the general where one has to say so change smb.'s shoes shoes Yes, in principle this As for school institutions in general Basically it all it concerns our hygiene but mostly fungus it occurs on the legs and some have
  • 02:02: nuruka it seems to me that in Basically this is a problem characterized by the peasants but There are women and today I want you show and tell as I have this problem I consulted on the very real problem very sharp you you can laugh you can smile can someone about it I have not thought but it would be better prevent this this disease is like say so nasty piece than to its I treat so to speak a lot of time and a lot of
  • 02:34: buy Miscellaneous medicines that They offered me pharmacies that screens advised TVs that is, I in his in his life tried very many different preparations of this Now I have a problem show tell what what does not work what how much it costs where they bought and how them correctly enjoy because there but usually as occurs but our screens TV show there's a there such as drug
  • 03:05: We call it there I know there I ekzoderil there lila lowlands interest and all We ran to the pharmacy of his but do not buy the fact that it does not work the fact that he will not the fact that suitable it will save you from I remember the fungus was in my video at Seryozha Hess of Sweden Scott Eburga who talked about that his wife Julia he who does not know tell drove even special this clinic and the whole issue brother studies there is assigned a different
  • 03:35: drugs but only him the video will discuss how I feel quickly and correctly from get rid of the fungus and it is very important correctly applied drug and because many simply good buy expensive drugs on they can not use and today's video I tell and show how do it right So let's start first things first and so let
  • 04:10: then look here the first drug I bought and for a long time acquired It called la Mizin from company vortes one percent he a spray that is here if you look at it you can see he's a Now yes that is accordingly it is possible just after sprinkling exercise your toes there fingers hand and says advertising such as the works but again, Here is my personal opinion
  • 04:40: this is good mildew prevention but if you already there is something here that medicine me it seems not cure because I a bunch of times to buy it it costs too expensive in general Nothing I have not I turned and took in ointments and sprays Brout I took in creams shorter All this complete crap nonsense nothing all It did not work in say my case is be as prevention this medicine well will say so protect defend namely to treat protect from
  • 05:10: disease say the fungus toes again many simply sprinkled here on finger and I think that everything seems to problem It solved actually there's all these medication crema I else you need as a I am trying to score under the nail and under ie elbow Splashing not the top but try to nail on the edge here here here then sprinkles him to you got a say so by your nail Any hand or on foot, and so that's this drug I
  • 05:41: I put let's say so of three possible I he put three then on the second I have a place here Medications like eg for Daryl ekzoderil this medicine is also sold in pharmacies so here it is It looks like this here it is made in a jar as drops as drops here pay attention to Now it's this one Here you are also drugs
  • 06:12: all lots advertises everywhere there I suggest that is it too respectively I bought into advertising I went to the pharmacy I acquired yes here I already do not know there remained another half jars give 10 milliliters of all I will say this, she but it works It does not work at all not quite fast tell so good as I would like here You even wrote treatment of fungal infections of the nails and skin both hands so and on the legs but again
  • 06:43: maybe this good medicine when prevention of fungus on nails I too I bought them began to use in basically result he was better than that first formulation st Tires really So this is me it seems that it is better not I know somewhere month two or three popolzovalsya and how to really I felt improvement after here application of this drug gas Daryl that I have not
  • 07:13: I have enjoyed the I enjoyed it here preparation before Since I neither I was in Italy and I went to the pharmacy and I asked the pharmacy ice and rocks that you there are a fungus and me the seller is advised Preparation 3 Preparation 3 It called but he looks like here it just in drops and it's called pro
  • 07:43: with Haydee's a pro Court cable corner and so But if it's written closer until see companies company that manufactures It called Julian is Italian drug that's who can not find it I know in Europe there can someone ask to order Look how he It looks up as if he really It does the same in the form of such a clear
  • 08:13: varnish with a brush is if you have a beer now I'll open show how it all it looks that is, if it's unscrew the cap yes that is, if they are for Daryl such as drops made here this drug is he It looks like see Here is such a brush up clear lacquer which is applied as a on top of your nails in the same way and under the your nails that is something I told you can not only here smear that is needed try to brush Now stick this under nail cavity to
  • 08:44: the most horrible this medicine for contact with skin and nails not to skin because the very fungus disease but It is developing and as if from under the nails on to both hands and on his feet so here I have this medicine really recommend a Now apply it I need some time to day for two or three months, but usually here this the bank is enough for fully to fully recover
  • 09:14: fungus that is, if Now to sum up in I had three different I drug them always wear in its sports bag in his way referred to as the travel bags or whatever it properly called in her purse but where it does not lie there all well there shampoos everything the rest is just as well I have are there here these are the three but this drug I already do not use because as I He seems taken my as if the grading system third place on
  • 09:45: second place I ekzoderil and on the ground place I have this one here the track Italian I wear It means the gym here this thing and at home I have here the thing worth that is after I as workout I went to the pain swam's pool these drops nanoshu toes and in quality prevention and as for instance the language and cutting of the result of which I I received after I cured a fungus
  • 10:15: that is, I just already I am afraid at the It matters to me again He has not appeared so I use until prophylactically Now these here drugs have not yet I did not end up on we'll see that is second place, I gave ekzoderil and on the ground place I stayed Italian drug tra court so that answering the question Mr. X's how increase so I I think that if you You find in Europe's such a drug it will just 3 wonderful he
  • 10:45: costs 40 euros here this trick but it's worth expensive but this is really the number one drug it works I will I will say to my the example of his on his sense of the there is here for two or three months you get rid of the fungus Now it's drug if talk about ekzoderil but if you do not running form fungus you too get rid of the fungus but a bit of a long term, and if you simply go to gym if you let's say, and you do not have
  • 11:16: fungus but are afraid that he did not show up, I you still I recommended as Here, too, prevention simply spray sbryzgivat fingers your feet and very it is important to very important to the what I said in the video about what I is sports bag to be sure buy a spray Footwear that is your shoes sneakers socks all you need in the first place socks every need the day after a workout but it washed truths I was about You do not even speak trainers need to
  • 11:47: inside the cavity of your shoes sbryzgivat especially so spray they have there have different cliven not blowing it shorter any income at any purse you will find such Here elements of care and health for your feet and handles so that I will I wish good health good mood and go on the floor my playlist health where you will also find helpful videos on how
  • 12:17: like brushing your teeth like whiten teeth there my the doctor's wife Victoria she tells may be some interesting to you too, things are with you was Sergei Simonov all the good and positive Have a good mood the way people are creating good until all faq