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  • 00:00: Good morning, dear friends today I will tell you how to home you can get rid of fungus on his feet but first a few words about the reasons disease infected by fungus It may be where heat and damp in the basins of sound hotel bath yes and their own shoes too especially there are legs I sweat a lot and the skin is cracked therefore prevention of fungal I I recommend two or three times a week wipe the skin of the legs regular table
  • 00:31: he vinegar prevent bacterial growth and the likelihood of infected by fungus It will be reduced as well, if you still suffered this then in trouble home can use here this recipe for fresh garlic is necessary well crush and prepare butter mix these ingredients in ratio of one to one example of 1 teaspoonful well stir and impose the mixture to the affected fungal skin
  • 01:01: and the top lock bandage or gauze best make the compress on the night and continue to full recovery By the way when a fungus on legs come in handy will and salt baths for legs just stir in one liter of water tablespoon sea salt and then lower back and legs
  • 01:32: hold about 20 so to speed up the minutes recovery what it is today All tips all the best and to new