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CUCUMBERS. 3 ways of vertical cultivation of a lash in the greenhouse  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I will show you 3 ways vertical Cucumber cultivation in greenhouse Look here first the way when you asking for whip is on rope raised you breaks off all suckers leave some cucumbers all about posture Above you can see well here for example here it is see it here Now here he is seen here at the very foundation of a breaks off here above further on the son, too break off and remain cucumber and a piece of all
  • 00:30: after the cucumber we grew his three Here is a bare stem and leaves can be cut they have already started to see yellow means already They do not have much good these leaves can be removed cut the leaves leave about one centimeter
  • 01:00: somewhere 5510 millimeters from the stalk not to hurt Stepic look but pay attention that many leaves immediately here I have They reveal a lot cut off is usually well there are two biggest three more seats it is impossible for one day cut now he see also circumcised with bees luck cucumbers below cucumber should leave Mandatory one sheet otherwise cucumbers hair will be fine stop rising here after we cut off
  • 01:30: to blossom again it can not necessarily the case you can do rope long top omit and here form a ring but me here Cork I do not want about to leave meter freed then that's it whip it here mustache holding means it should be a little bit Now pull it lowered the
  • 02:02: the operation can be done together you can here it is Are you all freed and Just in case, take braid often ask whether it is necessary cut short cucumber mustache mustache nobody will judge if you get them back see more here it is all and dragged under the sheet tie is not necessary worry about the stem just wrap around the leaf and here
  • 02:32: free to all tied on here It turned out the ring Now ring This sheet can be can be cut to put even the most Prophet can lower himself while still green Look for Vesalius due fixing that year shoulders not here it can be broken even here and so and then wrap
  • 03:02: dependent dependent again to the sheet twisted, and here it is ring turned later in the process cucumber cultivation So they pass by some of the waves and the most important what we we had done location for further growth whips up still Agryz grows further So they all cucumbers which were fastened they grow none of them
  • 03:32: turn yellow and fall off this is the first way to growing so here This second method growing too say whip but underneath after the first as the first sheet usually when I'm here you have always been one of still pictures after after that's dangerous Kivalov formed at the bottom additional stepchildren here I am, in this I left lower case stepson after all cut slabs went formed more pass
  • 04:02: it so I left it Now I see now your plate Now about the main it also with cucumbers all and now look the same the best option too most whip cut all the leaves Well on this for free and ringed here It does not make a run Here is a cucumber It has obtained 2 2 cucumber barrel and countries female 2 and the barrel I saved to but this
  • 04:32: post to the same breaking off all suckers so that did not work there is such a skirt greenery you see This second option all free here, see this whip same the best option here it is here it is here it is below but even here here see here is all free here
  • 05:03: I leave one Here one two stepson but again the two sheets, and look over the top of burglary not to get lots of greenery, and again and the braid and horror in fact and in the process here ripening cucumbers on 1 whip leaves should be cut
  • 05:33: because they will turn yellow and disappear Now let's not Zhurys can basically he was already seeing this all this is the second option and here third embodiment cucumber cultivation let's say the same shoulders but the place more here's one cucumber propane instead of mean yes and now see that it turns out I'm leaving through sweat doing One of the summit
  • 06:06: reserve to see here the groove is well visible here see here leave stepson and two sheets of a maximum of 3 Now look at Here are three Here sheet one sheet a second sheet ryadilis each of the sinus sheet appears cucumber where the two where 3 and Again here it is still one slot on dangerous the third order if you want to have a little
  • 06:36: you have here in the green You can leave there succeed Now I'll show you, too cucumbers, but you can move I have them because tears that already now look many turns cucumbers and can happen that they begin to turn yellow and then fall off stepson see here one two three sheet all then take the crown break off well here up here if Now this is not a cucumber twist here
  • 07:06: do not ring It will then have to have He will prischipnut crown when she It touches the ceiling of the He has reached from the top to-ceiling We break off all cucumber ceases to grow up he went wide but it takes place from one to come Well at least another meter otherwise you all greens and intertwine cucumbers will disappear all of the ovary will tell jokes All this is what I have
  • 07:37: I wanted to tell This concludes his story revealed but you three ways if you have something interesting I'll be glad to share to hear and try on your vegetable garden its greenhouses thanks I hope for your attention see you