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▶ Salad a tulip - YouTube\u000d\u000aTomatoes small 30 pieces.\u000d\u000aOnions green 1 bunch\u000d\u000aMayonnaise of 150-200 ml (recipe of mayonnaise \u000d\u000aCrabsticks (cooled) 240 g\u000d\u000aGarlic 3-4 cloves\u000d\u000aCheese of 200 g\u000d\u000a\u000d\u000aPreparation:\u000d\u000a1) To make an incision tomatoes on cross-wise\u000d\u000a2) To remove core by means of a spoon\u000d\u000a3) To cut crabsticks\u000d\u000a4) To grate cheese on a small grater\u000d\u000a5) To mix cheese, crabsticks, garlic and home-made mayonnaise\u000d\u000a6) To fill tomatoes\u000d\u000a7) It is possible to decorate a dish with cutting from sausage

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