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  • 00:00: if you have a headache and consistently poor mood perhaps blame bad energy in house but worry psychic Alena Kurilova knows how do to all it was nice Alenochka hello Pedro thank you came you even can not idea how often ask me that something was wrong in the house individually okay, I'm tired give such advice
  • 00:30: Now virtually every I want to say now almost all of you, too, our house really our house he has impregnated our energy our torments our tears our joy our name day and our problems some conversation and quarrels Then one day I came in and I asked the hostess it was removable say housing please why I It is so hard I can see why women many in some bloody shirts she says it was an old house mouth
  • 01:00: it was up to the hospital Revolution, but there is no nothing wrong with it is not means that here some housing where you live that's all changed urgently or sell me here really like when say this apartment to sell like in quotes like yes in quotes yes all this apartment bad you it and sell and you do We think about who you are sell there too legs too children not it easier to clean energy his waistcoat maybe it's not that perhaps it is necessary and you must each
  • 01:30: now comes the spring some is such spiritual joy woman washes curtains washes the window all clear everything is new let the spring came everything shines why once a year is not clean their homes We start from the head start with preparation is such good our Christian Easter holiday before it is pure Thursday day allows you to clear the ability of diseases of sadness any negative some power heaven itself you said It can be clean Thursday you can do
  • 02:00: one great day they called it prepare Chetvergova salt each member families living in this house in this apartment in net Thursday morning all We woke up and stood We went to swim After you redeemed you clean hands have salt Yefim's not much Capture and poured in a pot and put aside it is the salt may be Used in food but it has power of energy developments literally cleanse a week in
  • 02:30: next Thursday will just clean Thursday and you will already know how to clean your home when you want for year to make power clean their homes you take the most ordinary candle so I now he is taken beautiful cup because it does not It found like the other but if in your property in your house there Cracked cup or jar of some again that is not We need that has scandal element cracked element your house betting pick
  • 03:00: salt and pour here that is clean Chetvergova if it It left you entirely You may take a little pinch if not at all well, so to him the case poured common salt it is better that it was at to pinch the Thursday bet Candles usual incinerate people can count prayers that the soul It stretches you can put this candle where here recently there was a scandal where sick people I lay put this Door Window candle you
  • 03:31: closed and engaged about their business and wait until the candle is completely completely merge and Rafting on the salt and energy Wax is very capacious wax itself alive material and he He absorbs himself negativity of your home it merges on salt demon is known not He likes salt salt neutralizes negative energy from wax Then you wait until the entire candle raft burn add up add up we add it all in a bag and throw away
  • 04:01: left hand wear out house and take out the trash immediately return home and close door with a key thus we visualize removal action bad and close a key for good our house and more can be done so if you dispose enough amount of time can actively clean their apartment their homes ie actively Cleaning is done so You take the same jar or cup take take salt candle closes all window when open
  • 04:31: door like this just 10 centimeters at the door there is a loop that is there where's loop imposed by loop you must go on clockwise here we went to the apartment not omitting any corner bath and no toilet nor any closets so we went here dodging all we go to the rooms candles can be recite any Prayer can be found and just watch the effect of the candle the action of the flame and
  • 05:01: fire flame burns negative energy apartment our homes and all rooms have space energy fractures it's all openings door and window are mirrors which big is the door so say astral then for the story of labor I'll give when told punishing children the old days where their set angle when the child did manage a clip that is It broke its most important place
  • 05:32: energy protection and immediately I was placed in a corner angles concentrate negative energy child punished exactly made feel very uncomfortable so the corners doorway and mirrors our attitude very carefully to is when we We come and see doorway we candle go around cross either clockwise We do here such here screw back movement that is We cheat on sex and even before
  • 06:02: high can you and went to get then if the candle begins to actively make smoke meter back and go further times the distance each angle can be bypass cross each the window can be bypassed cross or the same and each screw Mirror need to bypass just as we do power cleaning our house is we went there went We went to go and then we the front door We went out and blew out the candle already is its threshold apartment
  • 06:33: went to shut the semeni door the whole candle and all that merged to salt is desirable even with this jar the street render left hand is throws the probably a power cleaning the house or Flat needed produce and when except that acquired or settled budget accommodation that is in the room where we first arrived and I was left to live I will not spend the night one of the rooms even if the hotel I'm at least 15 minutes no burn it switch it wow why because I
  • 07:03: I'm super psychic sensitive I want rest in clean energy healthy premises and candles they do not believe heavy and it is not very hard to say yet St. John's wort can be clean the house before taken beam St. John's wort is taken some iron tray or iron bowl ignited but also a match and that there was no fire naturally and passed by smoke all the negative space Here is a a place where Well Well nothing survives
  • 07:34: take buy some cheap on a geranium flower some just such you know-lived which does not kill let us agave He stands there floret partly in his own the living energy neutralizes such energy and heavy We need this flower throw you could if he really usoh not please throw him become to this place but this new quite humane way to get rid of geopathic zones yes it is the very nature of suggests after we cleaned house
  • 08:04: certainly want to positive energetics persisted longer how to make it as fix clean power house you can fix it amulets and talismans charms for your at home I'll explain someday the next transfer it is very big broad topic in cozy house favorite so nice during warm conversation drink a cup of strong hot coffee Help yourself Alenka all It begins with nescafe as well as the impact on home energy
  • 08:34: illness of family members and how do in this case to still energetics remained clean and yeah nice but we all people we all get sick very occasionally even want to the walls of your house It helps you be healthy as do I say today there are such small biological all intermediaries once you heard that there are some grandmother who roll out the disease eggs it is this living that biological
  • 09:04: is very humane for near what I do not aura energy that the room where the walls It is sick people if ill child temperature or obtained such a period in life when well, well, that's meet she is my girl He says well, we just We do not go out disease I do not know what should we do you take capacity Vodicka we had transfer where we They told how to charge water positive
  • 09:34: energy water charged positive energy If we took this capacity and easy Having read it prayer, or given by request of the health and happiness in the world in our house in our family very asked water give health we and all our children living in the family has a bed where eg sleeping child there is ailing called the place headboard break egg and release it into the water and set and quietly let
  • 10:05: baby sleeps is we We are doing for coal the moon as the moon wanes and let the disease decreases water and biological live substance very extends well energy illness every morning not regret eggs It takes the egg and pours out thrown in waste water with with water to Vodicka and how much just need to make this procedure look in the lunar calendar while there is coal that is, from the moon
  • 10:36: full moon to new moon every night place That is now the egg if you missed one nothing scary night but preferably not thank you miss Alenka you for this useful story to help us to keep clean power Be our house healthy, I want to have all everything was good