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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel I name is Elena now we'll learn knit French gum it yet call Pattern snake its often used to crochet skirts for girls We recruit the number of multiple loops four + 1 loop for symmetry and 2 edge loop
  • 00:31: we first loop with you remove the further we will knit 2 facial loop 2 backstitches provyazyvaem not simple way when we introduce a needle in first loop provyazyvaem other when we introduce a needle the second loop provyazyvaem front eyelet at us with spokes until
  • 01:01: we have removed provyazyvaem first Now remove the loop Further knit 2 backstitches loop simple manner and Again the front loop at first provyazyvaetsya 2 then provyazyvaetsya first and get down to the spokes 2 further backstitches provyazyvaem second
  • 01:32: front loop and the first loop so we'll knit up end of the series overturn our work starts knit wrong side we first loop Removable Front now we provyazyvaem simple way not backing ahead We introduce a needle into the second loop
  • 02:03: provyazyvaem seamy first loop, too provyazyvaem out on night so we'll We continue to knit up the end of a number of facial provyazyvaem simple way to purl provyazyvaem first then the second loop first so we will be with you
  • 02:35: to alternate between the first row and a second row that is right and wrong our side products last loop provyazyvaem purl just such we will contact you French rezinochku from the front hand it looks
  • 03:05: exactly with seamy almost as one Thank you all canvas for the attention you Elena was if you have questions write in comments bye Bye