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  • 00:00: Here we can see the before patricia I possess a very fine hair and these do not Bilbao patricia ponce May 1 oval slightly triangular
  • 00:31: each year round short neck and delegates We begin setting on this line diaz of length We establish a childishness
  • 02:08: vertical 90 degrees angle pension cut perpendicular angle this will allow us to obtain an effect because their side very soft where we will have hair movements despite being a hair scarce and very fine This technique helps us a lot in short hair because you have very natural effects in this way we will also integrate creative chemistry we have applied previously
  • 02:41: in patricia line be viajera This has allowed us to have the same effect on all areas of the head in the area of ​​the neck We are drawing a geometric figure with champagne hair goes from low to high to the side We will do the same
  • 03:33: in the other sector back down the Palestinian sections and pital
  • 04:26: respecting the same technique oblique and then seeking integration with the line it would established from the nape We raise to 90 degrees and we continue cutting perpendicular oblitas technique will work with lightly gelled viajera
  • 05:07: oblique perpendicular angle cut hair will establish that this crescendo Low to High up creating feeling round around the cranial area We proceed to do the same step
  • 06:11: Technical oblique suspension 90 cutting technique perpendicular and oblique we turn to the side
  • 07:14: oblique technique used to project the movement to front cut will go very short but always moving towards the face What we're going to 45 degrees down if cut perpendicularly this causes effects gores that the accelerator does not sport we continue drawing the line design
  • 08:06: based on the line would cause while maintaining the 35 degrees down and irregularity of cutting angle Now let's proceed pa hence customizing the tablet area and everything is the perimeter on the face
  • 08:38: as I said above was cut motif therefore we have been very careful angles with use simply cleaned and then look for the same defect that hair is us to draw on the skin to make it more attractive it is important to clean up the environment
  • 09:39: ear the back side which he as That marks the line design and makes it look much cleaner with a more defined line We proceed to work on the other side
  • 10:32: We retain the unique technique suspension of 45 hours or below and cost angle perpendicular oblique Once finished side
  • 11:36: had high the frontal area we will establish a subdivision where we will work everything in flequillo area I want to make an important part cuts we will work a girl and asymmetrical design noteworthy in this area in this model has this a shortage is very typical of people very fine hair in the area of ​​the inputs so it's good draw
  • 12:08: a design that allows us actis holder the defect We connect the side with the front area Keeping the hair at rest is 0 degrees We climb the arch of the eyebrow
  • 12:49: then we start working towards the center looking as a reference point the nose We are designing a light and confessed to the center
  • 14:56: so that I can play with that movement to one side or the other making a small shadow shaped curtain that is the cadillac be superior to him make art much longer the environment perimeter of the face establish a line 10 in this case slightly lateral
  • 15:26: to mark binding back with the front for that move slightly the first guide 55s doing back down and then combine in 90 years maintaining public sports perpendicular angola Now we take the auxiliary oblique dividing boxes technique and cutting the same size childishness maintain order
  • 15:58: This design allows cutting
  • 16:38: the person can grieve on both sides because it is completely located on the front thickness both side are short allowing free movement of the stop zone He said side we come
  • 17:09: not always such union with the same technique used throughout the area It was the oblique technical extremely important that this design because it is what makes the movement on the front of it So we are the area where the sports union with the front
  • 17:55: looking for a much freer movement 2
  • 18:25: and personalized finally the opera coletilla climbing this will allow for greater solidarity in Krk and ends it integrate colors featuring patricia efe
  • 19:02: end p to finish drying apply to wire this month frei that allow
  • 19:33: fine hair like patricia textures provide volume and affiliation without leaving to stay away from it month
  • 20:05: end sun we put the finishing touches
  • 20:45: finger reign disconnecting cutting areas to be marked with the product bush
  • 21:18: end p and we have here the official Pétriz
  • 21:54: 2