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  • 00:01: I looked at a bunch of video videos on the Internet and people can not understand silicone joints for this I I shot this video you are welcome I use the means made such a short form for sample of plasterboard put Here is such here such a gap about three to five millimeters I made of cardboard Why you to saw how little
  • 00:31: Silicone is easy separated from drywall that's it Apply on plasterboard smudge, in principle, it will be difficult hence the separate but if silicone correctly in we will succeed So proceed we see the tube completely even vlazit Here is such I I left a large gap Well here's the spout tube nothing wrong fill found silicone
  • 01:14: he shows us the means x forms never think that the spout tube now we fill what he somewhere out nothing I dreaded even sample here no longer pressed
  • 01:40: silicone we paid m we will show shape Here's a stick I did it out of bamboo for fighting in Brest Bamboo can be well may be simple wooden plastic coli seam forms this one here is you bend
  • 02:00: he himself carved out of chiffon check by looking on what corner you We do not together Remember to have silicone We have here the wings here up on silicone never not straight does not stick in the wet if we shoot silicone it we be sure to perform on the edge and fly to us it We did not stick damp soapy solution
  • 02:35: and already the wand itself we the bank also scored soap solution too damp and neatly remove the silicone set at an angle which in the waves must stay yes see silicone removed shelf forms us show silicone which We left on a stick
  • 03:01: just here and take wash off with a jar silicone with soap liquid wand left is the show turned sloppy poorly I pressed yes you can tweak more Now I see a little bit on edges at me that I have not the right took I do it on the dog and cardboard for to show you the
  • 03:30: have you never any problems and remove it from the tile there or window frame any other place now I you increase I went to look Here is such a neat seam receive any nor any fingers Masking tape and nothing
  • 04:01: silicone surplus who's here you understand were they have not already kept here because that is wet is mainly I leave it silicone and dry later taking but I Now we try everything lift but it is not He already holds Poprad no surface sticks I'll wait when it is dry and then remove
  • 04:49: so the surface dried the same I stick to dry hairdryer not know then exactly so far, or is not the same wand rented see silicone whole here he
  • 05:01: removed because something it is not stuck to the surface here Wand has a slut I very edge of the silicone nai surface remains we even you are welcome use correctly silicone done carefully stitches Maxim you closer see here is such a I left a gap here somewhere up to five millimeters and here
  • 05:31: so here is the neat seam on drywall this one Silicone I he had smeared wet dry the hair dryer but it is clear that his not lift the whole luck you