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How to close loops - the Russian way - Crochet bind off - Knitting by spokes - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: closing the loop the last row of Russian way of their can be closed or facial or purl loops 1 method of facial
  • 00:31: loops of provyazyvaem two extreme loops together front loop and pull loop a little more then transfer this loop on the left needle and further knitting repeated again provyazyvaem two
  • 01:03: extreme loops together front loop We pull the loop little captivity and transfer it to the left needle and so repeat to end closed loop will look as chains that located on the front hand work
  • 01:34: And now I will show as a second method close the loop extreme row purl loops for this thread we should be top left spokes vdevaem right needle under two extreme loop and then provyazyvaem together purl
  • 02:05: We pull the loop loop and shoot two extreme hinges on the left then thread the spokes have we should be top left spokes diva they left needle in loop and then We repeat the same again two provyazyvaem
  • 02:35: extreme loop seamy loop will look like the last row with this pigtail already formed seamy side work You can also cover
  • 03:07: loop combined by example first hinge 2 close purl loop following 2 loop close already face loop and in this case,
  • 03:41: pigtail will be strictly upright I like it video I put him but she write a comment