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Olga Nikishicheva. Pillows the hands (Pillows with their hands - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: new pillows and the house decorate and mood and do not need to raise for the they go to the store I'll do the thinking that everyone in the house there is such a cushion syntepon bought on the occasion because it is not expensive here, or is it on closet waiting to be hours offered and dress for her pillow of patches of tapestry and decorate it with black pillows tape will We measure the length of the veins pillows and the edge rectangle
  • 00:31: equal width measurements + 2 centimeters on allowances and length 140 centimeters buckle and sewn tank on the one hand just decorate taped Now add up our procurement face inside the subject cushion sizes
  • 01:01: head left sew the edge of the edge to treat den turn out pillowcase and add braid along the fold We put a pillow inside's new dress sew these pillows
  • 01:36: possible for every taste lay them on sofa or chair and interior already it looks a new Olga nikishicheva Alexander Karchevsky first channel