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We do fur of an old sweater and we sew a vest and a shawl. We create a beads from jersey. A master class - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: knitted things years are faith and true protecting us from the piercing wind and winter cold them a little time to update surprised awaits you from fur old sweater NER old plaid shawl or curtains from the remnants of the bag threads and beads of small bogus patches can only jump into their warm hugs and warms
  • 00:31: It surprises you today Tatyana Hello dear audience unique knitwear material that very faithfully a long time to serve man protecting his and from the winter cold by
  • 01:02: cold wind but there comes a time when it is necessary a little refurbish give it a new life Now that we have today, and Let us us It needs old tiresome knitted sviterochek Fabric basis and amazingly beautiful some thin silk material they Organza is desirable so it was with a large pattern you superimposed on the cloth base layers
  • 01:32: all these the number of materials layers can be in any case we will have three layers the first layer is a fabric based on which we We use in shared direction it may be any density it may be cotton fabric and lining and second woolen layer is jersey but we cut out will and by not stalk scythe that is under 45 degrees is
  • 02:03: It is very important and the top decorative layer will also be cut out for 45 degrees puff pastry is necessary is about to whip using sewing cars you as a result of succeed very wonderful with beautiful fur fluffy and original pile distance between lines can be any minimum half centimeter
  • 02:33: this is twice the height Pile see if distance between lines half the centimeter divide by 2 pile we will have 075 if between the lines there will be two centimeters the height of the pile is centimeter why you choose height from your pile yourself and we immediately We proceed to the assembly our beautiful textile pile surface
  • 03:04: we
  • 04:09: Now we come
  • 04:56: second stage second phase will very creative, we we will create a completely new new surface invoice all overdue layers we we will cut yielding fluffy lovely nap the fabric can be cut with the most different instruments and fixtures sometimes it use scissors if you have special knife for Chenille can they take advantage of it looks like this in it
  • 05:27: roller cutter and special fixing facilities which does not injure lower fabric layer but it is very convenient If you do not have a hands then we will rescue always our usually sharply sharpened scissors if the fabric you used beautiful with elegant drawing the flower is always retain
  • 05:57: we tame or machine stitches fix it and do not touch cutting all rest areas our surface result, you placing it in September Dept. a flower can it additionally volume about the quilt and all other layers you cut and tease tease better a conventional brush hard fibers Well
  • 07:13: and
  • 08:32: by the way craze knits began Coco Chanel came manufacturer for the sake of her proposed it unnecessary knitwear factory which piles He is collecting dust in a warehouse of He vshili underwear linen but the Jew Chanel Vodnik and best thing skirt and wide knitted trousers which flooded in 1913 year
  • 09:03: street fashion resort he brought this hangar happy nut posed photographers in fashion wide sailor knitted trousers multilayer fleecy surface can be receive combining most unexpected variety materials Well that's like a faux fur and remarkable woolen surface can be combine into a single whole first we do according to the rules
  • 09:34: bottom layer artificial fur but the top we laid directly below 45 degrees then you see the pile obtained uniform the same throughout length but if we break rights are violated with happy then They get here a long nap little children but I it seems this experiment always very good a business and if you want to
  • 10:04: choose another stozhki trajectory I do it safely Stitch did not dare 45 degrees and turned around and it seems to me very successfully and and
  • 11:37: viewer
  • 12:31: by the way a few years san back healthy material in the world
  • 13:01: It was called cashmere 6 is a high mountain goats that graze in Himalayan region Cashmere is very dark fifteenth century pepper called this tenderest undercoat spirit furs alternative to cereal measure is very expensive It can serve as a wool O merino sheep from Australia or Peruvian goats which give too unique fiber and which local people call divine 6 alpaca not
  • 13:31: dumped does not coil but suffer may naphthalene so local residents flee cedar or lavender tobacco but now You will have one tag stylish experiment we take the old shade add a little solar wool fabric and two squares first add up together and then bend on the diagonal
  • 14:01: Here we get a how beautiful scarf in the previous case We stitched by all scarves surface every 2 centimeter can choose your amplitude and then sharp-cut scissors or roller blade three layer without affecting bottom layer I even wonder and what we get and I will turn your I will not focus
  • 14:31: finishing line at 10 centimeters from the edge because here we will be fluffy beautiful fringe if
  • 15:41: and and by the way
  • 17:18: before knitting engaged exclusively man such as Marika Norway themselves vyvyazyvayut individual ornament so you can It was to identify the body after shipwreck but the nomads Bedouin life I taught to knit women 6 in the real world and men do not went to pasture without tangles and spokes according to legend, they learned vyvyazyvayut comfortable heel today knights Scotland Spain and France
  • 17:48: actually manually vyvyazyvayut armor you bitch and you say not men's business experiment was we are very successful We received as a result of fluffy shawl amazingly beautiful fringe and what to do with threads who stayed at after the formation of us fringe let them and integrate them into the take the case adhesive cobweb and lay out all the threads
  • 18:18: evenly you You can use Any thread that left over from previous work with using iron we fix on cobweb all textile and hard call it rubbish and then use sewing machine anchoring the strings on surface and we get a new man-made fabric you can create
  • 18:48: and any surface use it for jackets and jackets and interesting accessories all in your hands and and
  • 19:27: and
  • 20:06: Well
  • 20:42: and by the way favorite blue sweater I used to be a member exclusively sportswear before the bodies of the English he is sound It is distinguished by a diver High clasp at but the mouth It could be very different styles with sleeves without collar and without a pattern and monophonic
  • 21:14: We had sex jumper which was used for ball games or pullover sweaters which translates as it will be an occasion English drag on top they had not short zipper at neck but was v-neck today jumper and decorated with embroidery applique gold and silver braid I use only as sportswear leisure wear but this element evening clothes Example new thing in
  • 21:44: make yourself another stylish gift tag it will be a necklace of knitwear and so knitted cut into squares of any size, even if one thread at You are small and large and medium it will bead very interested in collecting box no strong thread at first here in this textile bag then retract at start-up and
  • 22:14: are building textile ball you you can combine beads knitted with any other material such as silk or organza these
  • 23:24: and incidentally a favorite all jacket change from military costume translated from French jacket its history is known since the days of knights who wore bitch you bond body clothes he could be fed or but knitted always with sleeved interesting history jacket cardigan she's wearing Count one name cardigans who commanded
  • 23:55: easy English cavalry during the Crimean War soldiers as his coarse knit jacket with zipper and She called her pockets Count clothing or Count cardigan We have not forgotten him name is a favorite us warm knitted things workshop completed whatever your clothing or jewelery everyday modest or you should prestigious feel
  • 24:25: She created it I look for you it following Nothing in it is not and I all beef eye otvozhu sang old plate let it up to you not withdrawn eye drowning in a warm embrace created things you All the best to new appointments global warming today provided Tatiana Lazarev