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Olga Nikishicheva. We restore a bedside table - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good morning, dear Friends today we you will restore here What if the nightstand do you think that it in time in the trash send it no more to complement your interior to begin with we We paint the point and extreme and at the door add inlay technique decoupage Cover the edge Skin patches on handle hang silk tassels get very nice to give nightstand effect
  • 00:30: antiques make a crack like to antique furniture using lacquer paint craquelure curly Appeared doors exactly where we want to make our old pattern to you faster dry sushim it take a hair dryer acrylic paint pleasant cream color and fully
  • 01:00: It fills the middle side up rice paper neatly severing our fiddle are putting door fragment straighten and A pressure help himself Conventional adhesive pva motion must be very neat
  • 01:31: from the center to the edges not to break our rice paper as well decorate the second side we fix our whole antique beauty furniture varnish water-based the way he environmentally friendly and Now begins The most interesting the upper part duct cover Apply adhesive pva glue thin layer and cover thinking q skin cut off edge
  • 02:04: the most common office knife Miss stress lace left add brush that's all the work is not hurry to throw or send them to giving old furniture I sure if you
  • 02:34: repeat what I made you necessarily succeed original and stylish thing luck Calvi nikishicheva or normal Akhmetov first channel