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  • 00:00: Hello dear audience Hello, Natalia Hello Maria celebrate the opening beach season we We prepared for you chic hat a person with a good The taste is light define vulgar said the old days and really will have a new shop bareheaded in those ancient times it was like crime today on the contrary, many people are afraid to wear hat and stand out from the the crowd vain convince world couturiers celebrities they then long ago solved magical power headgear advise us to wear hats ladies do not be afraid
  • 00:30: changing fashion this year It allows experiment virtually no restrictions and our hands are absolutely certainly not for us to boredom required small piece tissue and whether it is 50 cm about an adhesive material fleece oblique Bakey on color and paper and another affiliate rent it does not remove the two head and girth measurements height and now We make our patterns have We will hat top part count 6 wedges
  • 01:00: then spend straight line the height of the wedge we We find on the shot measurements and the height of the head it is divisible by 2 equal parts postponed width wedge it is the girth of the head and divided into six equal parts and put off, too Now from the top Wedge spend two flowing downlink Getting ready fields hats another small arithmetic calculation to find the radius we need a
  • 01:30: head on may 30 0.32 this value as at we get 7 and 8 and carry out in a circle It is the inner radius external fields can also be arbitrary 8 centimeters and breathes we stopped at around 15 centimeters ready patterns impose his nail folded nikon inflict tissue outlines and clinics Pauline must Korenev
  • 02:00: get twelve pour yes and the same perform with interlining only clinics there should be half . 65 all the upper parts our then we need glue allocated we've got two pasted their fields pasted them 6 wedges and 6 does not have propylene
  • 02:30: now we need them join 6 wedges pasted them and 6 are not pasted them go Asher himself to breakdowns our main item turn out which is glued will be on top of it invest lining reap shovchik combine shovchik combined consolidated scribbled about the matter nearly hat is such a
  • 03:00: harvesting hat we We now obtain the case remains only of my imagination procured decoration rosettes that we We know how to do pen possible billiard and more called for a candle, too from the same cloth do what you can you have just to begin decoration, we first
  • 03:30: our fields hat processed oblique inlay Well now you can start decor includes imagination and decorate for us to teach and how I want doctor's letter barrettes bumper strip everything is in motion, we We decided to stop on colors that taught to do you in last transmission funny hat in stores like is from 1000 and up our own delights We have spent a total of 120
  • 04:00: rubles beautifully and sparingly quickly and save you on beach from the sun Shot for example here these Panama