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  • 00:00: Hello show now I'm knitting Children's cap cap needles for this we need in some measure kind of how we must dial 5 le chic us what We have measure our head child so I took the I have a ball here the world and calculate the there take the size and We expect the number of loops knit up to
  • 00:30: we calculate provyazyvaem e.g. Rows 10 through 10 on 10 10 5 treated with 10 rows and measure our get out of this we obtain the necessary the number of loops is, we know how much how many centimeters have we have 10 loops and snip and then can calculate to our size we it is necessary to begin with I
  • 01:01: cooked Knit think show how loop gain and how knit gum in this need not present at I got on the my reckoning sixty six loops need but beginning I type 56 loops and snip here for to my Then the baby's head Here I will show an example them and so that is as well bears on and 10 and hinges that is added than
  • 01:32: provyazyvayu rezinochku Well approximately two centimeters just rezinochkoy then after rezinochki I add 10 loops that I've got already obtained sixty six loops and snip and provyazyvaem any pattern that we like the distance our hats ie also measure our We expect Now the number of loops bummer forehead baby occipital
  • 02:02: part here like this about and it turns out distance provyazyvayu just direct any viscous please you pattern I pattern is I took we have two series two front embroidery the number of wrong has knit it necessary
  • 02:32: number of rows to occipital here turns around that's up from the nape of the neck logic to the neck then what I'm doing this the number of loops that I have I divide by 3 ie three equal parts that is, I it turns out to 22 loops on each side so I knit their
  • 03:03: Twenty-two petelechki on knitting over 22 loops men in the same pattern You can simply face smooth surface that is, who have as as you like it as you have imagination will work I provyazyvaem knit occipital part of our seredinku front embroidery So knit
  • 04:10: overturn Now knit purl loops row I knit so forth
  • 05:10: We will continue to knit how to fit in the heel socks our side petelechki will connect with our the middle part of the there will provyazyvat 2 loops together to it's a loop side to side part I tossed the middle and 2 loops provyazyvayu
  • 05:41: We join together with the middle of the next beach so again last
  • 06:33: loop with our midway provyazyvaya together with side here two fives together can our average and those who side two They knit together so we were binding somewhere before middle to middle we were binding ie tied to lateral just right a back row I
  • 07:06: just as in provyazyvayu facial ranks I connects to the side turn over and
  • 07:53: again in the personal series, I I connect the two together one with loop the side and one of the center and so I provyazyvayu said up to half about Baku half side of the further we We will go longer
  • 08:23: our middle, we knit here directly connected to the side portions of our middle part now backstitches ranks in the face, we also will continue to connect with side eyelets a spring night series We will diminish our middle you then there will 2 loops provyazyvat
  • 08:53: together middle part here middle part Now, the back row I knit the 2 loops a place that is going on narrowing our Seregin points so provyazyvaem a back row last 2 petelechki
  • 09:42: our we provyazyvaem together so we will to do before the end of rather to bottom Our hats are now front row, we also provyazyvaem two together only now one to the side side and 1 from the middle ki
  • 10:12: continue knit tie front row ie, each front row
  • 10:42: tie that's reached up to the last eyelet of gum and I take one petelechku with side hand provyazyvaem together turn over and wrong again toward our seredinochke diminish take two loops two our extreme loop midway provyazyvaem together Thus, we
  • 11:14: knit up to the bottom last Vecherki show side and so So I have provyazyvala a decrease of loops the middle of the hearth our until I It left on spokes the middle portion 10 loops and snip it there on the side spokes in I was left with 8
  • 11:45: ie loops then I will not diminish among part part of life decreases to the bottom of the well, about a third of and 3 chi-nu, we had Twenty-two petelechki yes that is We divide them into three middle part and here is roughly 7 8 loops that we have should stay here then we are no longer
  • 12:15: Bates but just to end knit straight basis ie all It depends on the amount loops you We gained the third well part of the middle, we have to the bottom of the reserve go on knit backing a number of I connect the front row
  • 12:47: loop with the side part of the competition among the together and now I've got to
  • 13:27: tears today May 10 I treat in this series still in love again I will 8g All of the Turks midway in Wrong number amateur and CEL Recently, the same two
  • 13:59: Five crown with a We connect with a number of side part and now directly knit to the bottom so I have to dovyazala
  • 14:37: the end is not for our the middle part I Now close those eyelets have then hook rope or put Crochet also continue but I still bind knit literally there is a number of 2 I rezinochkoy I do not close these loops on the needle I spread itself as
  • 15:12: I would petelechki here in this way with our eyes Our side of the in order to tie gum can tell apart and sew well, I think it most so simple that's scored one and on the other hand hand just as we take petelechki Remove rings here we
  • 16:03: we will knit undergirding rezinochka again to Beanie well 3g hama thread we seredinke It ended so These five all this shopping list here
  • 17:05: on sale until end so to speak a number of our just facial loops and then begin to knit rezinochki literally centimeter half or two then knit gum 1
  • 17:52: facial 1 Wrong purl so I knit
  • 18:40: It got three rows rezinochkoy I see that enough for me close tabs I close tabs which loop facial facial purl Wrong time hat we have at the bottom of child's neck will not
  • 19:11: whether to pull free falls so what is needed is there is Wrong front So we closed our
  • 20:00: tabs here freer to bear we all thread both of us to open our You do not need to have tighten Sasha this turned out at we cap is now on show at it kopilochku we have such Now that is here rezinochka well will adhere to baby face and
  • 20:30: but what we were put here will be stretched because the head Child little higher here and here at the expense of the fact that we have Joan It will also be good pressed against the neck baby so on It can be linked already untie frill hooks I I show in another you can sew knit any ribbons zavyazochki draw well
  • 21:00: I'll hook then do a hook here for eyeballs hats just such hat