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  • 00:00: Hello this video we are going to to knit rosettes have several ways how to knit a rose hook one of them I you'll show there is no difference with What we were binding yarn of thicker or thinner principle knitting the same just have a yarn select the hook suits you so
  • 00:30: I will begin to knit and a pink yarn to start doing first working loop and knit 39 stitches after we
  • 01:00: we associate a chain of stitches knit the next row sc to do hook and plants hook in the fourth air loop loop which is we do not see the hook and knit a column with one nakida then again sc to do
  • 01:30: hook miss one air loop that we It is located in the chain and We next st knit a column with one sc continue doing one air loop and then knit a column with sc again miss one loop in the air
  • 02:01: chain and the second loop knit one bar with sc air Loop 1 column with sc skip 1 st and the second knit column with sc air loop
  • 02:32: column with sc We miss one again loop and the following knit a column with sc air column loop with sc and so knit a number to the end we dovyazali until the end
  • 03:17: Now turn our products We do 3 air loop for lifting sc between the two columns with sc provyazyvaem 1 column with further nakida We do 3 air loops and between the same we were binding columns
  • 03:48: 2 more single column sc continue doing sc between following columns with sc Look here, these bars we knit We further reserve we find the following columns with sc
  • 04:18: between which there one air loop not just between following columns and between those where we have one air loop, and so knit with two columns one nakida 3 Air loops and 2 column one sc we find again
  • 04:48: columns with sc between which there one air loop and there were binding over two column one 3 air nakida loop 2 column with one knit sc so until the end of a series of two column one
  • 05:18: 3 air nakida loop 2 column with one sc Here's how it turns out at we have a number of knit dovyazan new series Now we need translate into a hook the middle Our arches aerial loops We do this one
  • 05:50: air loop Set up under the hook chain of the air grab loops thread and stretch it Now knit new Business range 3 air loops for lifting and knit under this chain of stitches yet with eight columns one sc here
  • 06:44: Now we are doing 1 sc on the hook and under following a chain of we stitches knit columns with 9 one sc We do the same
  • 07:30: continue to do sc hook and do 9 columns with one sc under the following chain of the air loops but here we are tied our rosettes now I I show how it can be finish to further use thread
  • 08:00: by crosslinking do one air loop and leave long enough tuft end cut off and unpretentious here now use needle enough thick with a large ear now we have
  • 08:31: collect our rosettes a needle we are on the edge of our roses to top knitting and a little bit of that edge you need to pull in roses to be seen psy first lobe with those doing here and a small knot
  • 09:03: We begin to collect our rosettes around our disposal petals The most interesting here
  • 09:37: when we seamy seamy side knit we should turn the spiral we have no one point all we collect We can hold gloss pull all but then We will Shanker ugly and we review obvorachivaem each edge look
  • 10:08: I show the wrong way To get a Spiral and each edge and put on by our midway So you see if rosette eventually get a nice so now it is necessary all hem all our rosettes the edge of the stick carefully we sew
  • 10:47: so that we do not It was not pulling any we forget to correct thread that you He remained at the shelter tighten the inside out that's so beautiful
  • 11:20: Shanker we have with you I received a very I hope that you, too, if everything turned out will be some question necessarily ask them under video I will answer them that's all see you in new video bye bye