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  • 00:00: Hello now I I will tell you that we need for manufacturing here such a wonderful bitch at the master class autumn bouquet September 2, 2100, and so for that we take whimsical paper in this light green colors this particular paper can be replaced and dark swamp color also here is orange color light orange also we need to as a tender paper
  • 00:31: bright orange bright red there There are different shades red to better take the brightest that is, because that all the same and Sinitsky scheme and it I do not need more They want and brown how to return the paper two shades darker brown paper and Here is such a light so also we It needs Organza you can take any footage that you You can be found and the 47 centimeters suit
  • 01:02: and and 70 centimeters how long the of course also want to we take skewers skewers can be replaced toothpicks they too we will approach even if you take skewers for toothpicks us in any will need so we toothpick also take more for we need to work will knife we will need to handle another course Scissors for to measure
  • 01:33: length we need line line You can take on different the length of which you convenient to the best more than 30 of at least 30 40 centimeters even as we use thermo-adhesive so I need to be myself Melt and ammunition for hotmelt yes except that we need to be a piece of cardboard cotton we take 25 length cm and a width 19 and a half
  • 02:03: centimeters immediately We are preparing a piece cardboard and we will need a piece of foam foam you can immediately prepare her to make him segment 12 centimeters wide foam thickness 5 should be cm and height 7 8 centimeters so besides all this course for template for to make the most you chain patterns take the usual
  • 02:34: a plate is such platter diameter 19 half plates centimeters and this decoration we need a handbag will I need to be here this cord can take some other but the main belt that she held form, see why I took it and - well, because when I do handle up to form holds its shape handle It keeps well that is why Of course it is more convenient in the composition
  • 03:05: work is to cord for another ornaments we take here are the beads I see it transparent beads and you You can take a such as transparent beads give any suit and pearls small parts I taken here such small white beads beads fine-fine white hang for decoration as most bags and Of course we take themselves candy for this composition we will need 13
  • 03:35: candy Martian and now I use it all these materials we you going to do here a purse forward on all master class 2 September twenty One hundred and before the meeting until