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  • 00:00: we simply news can be perform overlock Blind stitch but make it better only thick and loose knitted or woolen materials while at the obverse line will be almost invisible to this no allowance for necessary to turn inside the product and tack in the middle then hem priutyuzhit to return the
  • 00:30: We reserve the right days and set as the tension of the thread for a narrow winding seam stitch width We are putting maximum hem to turn away front side so to edge hem protrudes slightly beyond tissue fold 6 then millimeters We put a cloth under the foot so that the needle catches fold for most fabrics visibility take contrasting thread at performing a
  • 01:01: line at a time trimmed edge hem Hem is not over wound and stitched the bottom it is very important feed the fabric under the foot the needle should only just grab a fold otherwise tissue from the front hand will be visible long stitches than smaller needle captures the fabric the stitches dream Now will be shorter you need to unscrew the bottom in place and priutyuzhit it from the front side fabric stitches Binder practically
  • 01:32: invisible from the inside smooth masterbatch on the edge of the line hem no allowance for necessary to turn inside the product and tack in the middle hem podgibku gut-wrenching face so that the edge hem and a lot of He advocated the fold cloth remove the left needle install thread tension both to Russian excellent seam width Stitch the maximum a pond under the foot kai I try to slow
  • 02:03: the needle only takes the edge of the fold tissue from this It depends on the value of lines from the face next time we consider how perform edges precise stitching on normal sewing machine