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  • 00:00: here is a unusual stylish clutch you You can do own hands and completely unexpected materials which tell Olenka Volkova hello let's pictures I reveal my secret guests are not on unsuspecting well I would like to ask What do you think of what who made this clutch He wants to answer let's you please how to think but I think of the jacket of a jacket Well a good way
  • 00:30: possible option but No one has any more options please I I think of the coat This leather coat but coat yeah right a good option but no coat on, I do not ali gave even his only plan let's someone will answer you want to please possible as the bag option can also be it the wrong things that I gave ali I gave her Olechka boots that nearly
  • 01:00: almost were hit on I think wearing all do not have to wear a She took one bag there could something more interesting and each in the pot to flowers such as do when I first saw clutches and did not believe it's because of my old boot Now we prove but what is left of your boots another almost a you can revile and the second turned in such botinochek of ordinary boots could have done such a unusual
  • 01:30: little interesting Now we will teach classic how to do it easily and I just think that it's pretty important because often boots what happens outsole and well, where directly the foot is already Demolition and ankle Hippie and if you notice you too, just as I am but sti boots then this option will ideally you to approach the more that in my lament this bag that It never goes out fashion and should always expensive leather coat they're always relevant this season as the never really known fashionista
  • 02:00: such as Charlize Theron wear such classics daily look very stylish and elegant as such celebrities like victoria beckham Shakira also like small clutches hope Matveeva the first place celebrities wear such accessory as the clutch and daily life on red path that is it may be your ordinary accessory for work and It may be the evening an accessory that complement the elegant form Well this clutch you made from my boots and I today under the outfit fits just Ideally yes I would color combination Well Yes of course you need only
  • 02:30: would praise there are other options that you today and brought it is also of the boots is also boots classical small black iq clutch is made in the style of Chanel clutches of the company you continents and chanel Shvydkoi pit corium zillion fashion way light market Come have been paying for sprat about $ 100 this model of my boom Neruta Emma Roberts is Rachel Bilson for disposable remote secular captures three matches Rothe black matte view today variation
  • 03:00: those above can their bags land c ios simply since you do not know me excise duty work we College Rene oldies that you are beautiful Butterfly is also functional when is worn on the arm crying can push here here neatly handle how to keep both if a butterfly touched your hand here and so He stopped very nicely very neatly and elegant too look so great but Clasp here I understand that this native clasp cn yeah yeah this is what all we love when it is not necessary
  • 03:31: sew a zipper because that's enough troublesome necessary specific skills to boot we have all there is use what I have it now we just need to know how it done by hand probably extremely difficult it's very simple, I Now you teach literally a few minutes as the make a great clutch start their boots donated how about we take Boots certainly better take those that we already worn once really I pronounced somewhere sock somewhere maybe jammed the heel but We usually tops It is enough
  • 04:01: good condition usually after all still requires some care for to clear ideal is use the juice lemon take on cotton tamponchik wipe and already we skin is clean 2 sekretik work with the skin is it is different it happens is a natural my natural is lacquered can be suede different versions of the skin require different care and 1 training is very widespread also what it occurs in the skin she cracks the best by way of this get rid of it take advantage of glycerin to make skin soft
  • 04:31: You can use glycerin skin boots copper drugstore sold small jar with glycerin it is not about five green that do on now, we take scissors saying goodbye to our boots begin we act cut to maximally possible Distance from the edge where you can penetrate the skin, we every now and then cut runs heels We will not turn because specialty shoemakers adds We sleep tight goggles and it will be difficult we cut scissors another sekretik work with leather boots when we start cut our clutches, we
  • 05:01: lock must be buttoned because if we reach and carefully cut off then fasten the to be very difficult we buckled Castle and we start cut and winter Boots also work for this suit any Sak died in Depending on how much will rough skin and what Lining will be in depends on how much work we have attach to it than rough skin and the more out there lining example there inside the beaver lamb Of course we need to is more complex tampering but spending clutch get that warm we could have done from
  • 05:32: These overshoes are is formed be in flower pots I am about it, I, too, even I know the designer who use and jeans to floral pots you media brim fill jeans land over there flowers grow here same can be fill the earth but this is a semi comic course nothing option lost our go back to what this blank for handbags I got ready sides Of course we need to sew up before we we sew it a little bit slightly open zipper but not until the end we have a gut-wrenching Now glue and
  • 06:02: sew the edge of our there would have to sew but will have to teach I am beginning to the skin is well kept it in any case it is necessary glue we take it is desirable to glue the glue which suitable for skin It is such a feature that it is soft then there when it freezes it do not make it rough it leaving it soft when we sew will not occur skewed some either side will not hauled the skin on cleaned our skin neatly Apply glue usually he stands somewhere hryvnia 10 no longer 10 hryvnia get huge tube that can be use
  • 06:32: use factory for bags production It can be opened how to we use glue We look at the instructions by this standard Ten minutes later we stand a applied adhesive and ten minutes later we very much independent presses how long we presses as well as stylish and we immediately can take advantage of help men but if they want to so we did not buy way clutch in store and made his own hands when trying to pair minutes until dry up our glue we can cut from a piece we have left leather on here such here are two
  • 07:02: rectangles which can be eyelets for to be able do as the handle this here this here pieces can be done It can be done Depending on how do you like to wear clutch we choose Area did you do to me loops but that's where they we place our loops we look as we have is a clutch choose his flat side one hand smoothly and with on the other hand, we You must place our loops respectively here a time when we glue we take loop the loop in inside we place right in the corner and gently presses strong neat and stylish I I love without handles
  • 07:33: because in this case, we do not do them just gently good presses as possible can further more stage we have still make a line if this skin sufficiently soft and supple you can use ordinary sewing machine or it done by hand but not always it is possible that you can still can take it done with we take an awl awl done carefully responsible places where she made us We make a hole and very strong a nylon or nylon thread we sewn stitches have
  • 08:03: another option is possible attributed to the shoe workshop and to ask about scribbled but one or two lines it will quite inexpensive and plus shoemakers will be surprised it's like you country repaired their boots really Still we line I will turn came your attention to that. It should be exactly relative to the that's because the boot that the edge can be uneven ie he sometimes side out because for example on the knee get a little
  • 08:33: higher than below the knee I respectively I leveled and on the lower edge of this here that line was very carefully and yet again small sekretik when you do leave a line open padlock so you can It was very easy turn out exactly and then get strange creature yes because I once do so and forgot open and then long turn off the say Now open lock inside that's Now neatly gut-wrenching here Now I understood from that and on the other hand ankle boots Return need to do
  • 09:04: The same procedure final first honestly I think that we are here we glue Loosen and then Then once inside We will refuel and this is done immediately with the two sides and we We do one and a second side side of the same with an unbuttoned lightning but not until the end but just a little bit when our then to could open up zipper and turn clear-wrenching Here we get a neat small piece match behind us functional lightning, it can be also, depending on the matter what you boots
  • 09:34: it can be above and here and so centered course in me as they say selfish question and could not yet no scribbling neatly Glue to stick to I get exactly line and do everything without a line you can you know you can find because the investor our enough they are a little much there just are not applied + side will be our the seams are not they are not functional keep for yourself some load there will be load on the bottom seam which at us and so initially It has been since side seams, they just as if will hold to nothing is fell out our Lake then in
  • 10:04: Basically it is possible to do only glue but the best do well and indeed even flash yes it will not as Well, actually it does not contribute you need cramming so many things I have seen girls which clutch It ballooned revealed that there is a sandwich but certainly convenient but not elegant yet summochka small Classics in the name It should only wear Now the most important thing matter can for decor decorate all sorts of ways use all decoration options that we have already We know you can do
  • 10:34: Here is such a beautiful flower is you can make tissue does not necessarily continue subcutaneous a subject and can neatly to stick it made from whole a piece of cloth, we also already the case with you yes yes yes select color at its discretion Flower us rests on bulavochki accordingly, we we can take a lot of flower and you can under each mood changes this flower on your clutch charm what We already saw that in we can be butterfly and can be Here is such a floret astra leather residues that we were
  • 11:05: second our boots is fried version we cut out from a flower Skin that's such here Stars do their different diameters fry in and between a frying pan with you add up here as the pyramid on the one and the other inside the can decorate a bead or buttons of all we have a hand do it too bulavochki on again yet it turns out Our interchangeable element that we can change If you have not seen story that Molly He learns to make us their own hands gorgeous leather flowers of fried skin
  • 11:36: then this technology you you can learn watch this story on our website Program good stb point she was so We attach our flower our clutch and that's how many only in his put something to He was heavier than necessary if the flower was contrasting it will different bit It would have looked but it is also good a hint of the fact that we fantasy restrain I do not need but you Honestly I I never realized Now a butterfly I cut out the skin of course uncommonly interesting than you I have done these
  • 12:06: hole though I but the best guess you tell openings It deals with the help of ordinary hole punch can be add rhinestones come good. from you. and and now you You can see how to make just such a beautiful butterfly their own hands I understand that, too, of the bootleg 2 and cool boots vermilion another once you surprised us and I still very liked it turns out that for to make with their hands so elegant handbag there's a lot of time You do not need to spend and
  • 12:36: I think I'd go thank you dear