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▶ Knitting by a hook Leaves of Urok316 of Crochet leaf tutorial - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:14: knitting leaf with elements ribbon lace first provyazyvaem a chain of twenty three stitches then from the end
  • 00:31: chain reckon 10 stitches and and the next loop provyazyvaem coupling loop then work turn over and
  • 01:00: we will knit the other side provyazyvaem inside Rings of air 1 bar without the chain sc and then knit 17 columns with one sc 1
  • 01:39: 2 three and so provyazyvaem all 17 and now I knit and further provyazyvaem 1 column, without sc
  • 02:03: then we will knit bars without sc in each loop air chain on one without the pillar sc 1 2 3 etc. in them until the end of series that's what happened and
  • 02:32: latest loop provyazyvaem two more column without sc, and there is still one that will turn and then overturn our leaf and will knit on the other side of
  • 03:02: one without the pillar sc in each loop and there will knit to the end there you are not then we knit for
  • 03:32: one without the pillar sc in each the following loop Making the rounding our mystic
  • 04:03: when the end circle We will 4 loops one two three four we finish knit columns without sc and provyazyvaem coupling loop then knit 5 stitches 1 2 3 4
  • 04:30: and 5 and passed to 5 base loops one two three 4 5 6 from loop knit coupling loop the following loop provyazyvaem column without sc and knit 2
  • 05:00: air hinges work turn over and under chain of the air loops provyazyvaem 6 columns with one sc 1 at home
  • 05:36: 3 4 and from and 6 again overturn job to another
  • 06:00: side provyazyvaem 4 column without nakida January 2 take care 4 is then knit
  • 06:30: connective column in the next loop 5 and air loops 1 2 3 4 5 and then rationale miss one loop and the following loop provyazyvaem coupling loop further provyazyvaem column one
  • 07:01: Air nakida 2 loop overturn work knit 6 columns with one sc by chain of stitches 1 2
  • 07:34: Terenin 4 5 wool overturn work knit 4
  • 08:00: column without nakida January 2 34 coupling loop the following loop 5 stitches and conceding one
  • 08:31: eyelet at the base next st provyazyvaem coupling loop and then repeat another this same time element and this is a leaflet It happens to you was Irina write comments put the huskies subscribe to my
  • 09:00: youtube style to the email channel newsletter online or cents beginner's. I grew up new appointments