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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel I name is Elena now we'll learn knit sailor gum recruit loops multiple of 5 plus one additional loop and two first edge a number of the first loop we you remove additional loop
  • 00:30: provyazyvaem front loop for the back wall then we knit our a report consisting of five loops 1 Wrong 2 facial 1 Wrong, 1 front the rear wall so we will be with you repeat 1 Wrong 2 facial 1 Wrong, 1 front
  • 01:01: the rear wall knit until the end a number bead loop
  • 01:37: the last one Wrong number 2 we remove an edge additional loop provyazyvaem seamy then we knit 1 facial for the back wall 2 backstitches one face of the a rear wall 1 Wrong repeat
  • 02:07: our report 1 front 2 backstitches one front and 1 Wrong so we were binding his second row to the end last bead
  • 02:52: we loop Wrong third row third row we remove an edge knit more loop for the back wall and provyazyvaem our report it is four backstitches and one face of the loop 4 purl loops 1 face again
  • 03:27: repeat 4 loop purl 1 loop front so we'll knit to end of row last bead
  • 04:09: we loop Wrong overturn our sample fourth row additional loop provyazyvaem and begin a seamy knit our report it 4 consists of facial and 1 purl loops 4 facial 1 Wrong 4 facial 1 Wrong knit to end of row
  • 04:43: bead loop we purl we Knit 4 rows Now we will
  • 05:13: repeat from the first according to the fourth row we desired height Here we have this turned sailor gum front side all Wrong Thank you for your attention if you have questions write in comments Elena was with you bye Bye