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Goodwin's secrets - YouTube\u000d\u000aSecret weapon of women. How to submit and seduce men.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, my dear Beijing ranks and turned author of courses to find their branches crash Flight with caviar understand their child saying everything will be simple can just since childhood I did not have to we now key secrets
  • 00:31: Now the man open at IBC on the psychological especially men but marks how to understand incision issue is very serious unlock the secrets too long let us so I am the enemy of my little curtain the main problem is that and what they think
  • 01:00: woman about how being on them totally disparate things It would still be completely different surely the basic error me really can start lifting secondly, the aid Suite as he explained by a member of Prokhorov came and affect the nausea He stayed with her of the total request in a situation where so sharply happens
  • 01:30: there can not be something you and I whether you can deservedly we have set ourselves the Smolny more than 2 billion there are things you can not Mr beginning quickly figured out but why this is so man to have to Putin great idea all it will be very interesting listen to
  • 02:00: men which reveals psychological features will raise us the veil The answer is both to let us into the world soon and we will better understand the area studying the relationship Retiro in fact and it is true I'm not pregnant just like us just over specifically
  • 02:32: the man that he would continue to fall him to read your tell them stubbornly their desires it is absolutely rejected by cords platitudes that how would we know all da but nobody Piskun why so everyone thinks it is his desire inventing opposite townspeople floor's civil in principle, Samara the truth that every little bit generally in the seaside we will be on the police
  • 03:01: but such terminology has plus the beauty of the male brain work in January and consciousness and we understand than his desire to have the present letter however, output MSK turn off in this case that the cause I asked to meet fearing that it