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  • 00:00: we start the cycle green pharmacy the plants that people traditionally grow on their gardens or may to grow as ornamental plants not cleaned guess they are very securities drugs plants Today we will tell conventional plants that people called foxtail and It is on the can of most
  • 00:30: common and decorative plants but it is also valuable medicinal plant made Pharmacopeia and Bulgaria and Hungary and other European countries under the name goldenrod ordinary currently it is very important to know all that is plant has the same properties like cranberries bearberry and disputes that is, at the same time
  • 01:01: This plant has urology antiseptic effect when pyelonephritis, and also it effectively It operates at diseases urolithiasis Nephroptosis in renal cysts plants growing course its height depends on soil fertility by soil moisture it grows as here seen to 150 cm
  • 01:32: about 2 grows and meters with scanty land grows up two feet and initially based the stems are natural rough stalk dead leaves and in this case used only the tip of the tip 30-40 centimeters ham to collect plants it is here in this phase that is, when it It begins to bloom flowers like many Asteraceae very
  • 02:03: at small flowering plants form fluff Plants also like cranberries bearberry harsh and afraid of any temperature not sunlight therefore demands drying the most the minimum is must be ventilate premises may even is a plant in
  • 02:33: During the day dry in the sun and then to dry in shade that is, it does not whimsical way to cooking rather complicated plant crushed to value of about 7 and three millimeters tablespoons of grass poured floor L of cold water bring to boiling boil for 3-4 minutes and then brew
  • 03:03: the form of heat when a temperature of about 60 degrees already 1:00 After this infusion filtered and drunk received number three receiving necessary to sing for 10 minutes 15 before meals and that's when regular admission this plant goldenrod Canada's The official name pilonefrit retreats
  • 03:35: kidney rises various stones compositions dissolved in the sand is derived from kidney and here is marvelous plant which combines three properties strong drugs is cranberries bearberry from porsche can grow on your garden