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  • 00:00: breath breath breath breath exhalation perfectly aligned handle good retreat morning we are glad that you and us and we with the girls We decided today to show you the range exercises collar area back and legs. Turn all breeds appearance and introduces us car driving there Mom's standing with
  • 00:30: young child Now she has a small collar baby back area in computer Vorotnikov behind oil shorter always well Relations day you find and shorter all I needed. It goes on in the mouth of launch but now we it will be to breathe you detained hands than conveniently it is not necessary nor dumbbells nothing
  • 01:00: detained for wushu for ears ago you served out his hands as far back as breath breath breath breath sharp exhale stove valsya taken well done
  • 01:31: note hands are for side of the ears where one side of the ear then worked constantly and shoulders neck area back detained stretched fuck handle
  • 02:04: load and removed all right handles and production gymnastics everywhere you can do any five-minute you working our stress
  • 02:35: state when over women's water to one Men are also very often at the head of all Pain seems to be yes you do not get sick is not simply the first that you should do draw on the state cervical spine and thoracic here can do you have unexpected headache, and he worsening blood supply innervation of the head and from here it is state try to do this complex exercise every day five to ten minutes and you health guaranteed second the handle is not in a hurry to music listen
  • 03:06: and soon Dad out here Oleg good communication will how girlish I came varnish Kazan respect someone show someone pick It was behind one show because there is no light can not remember Hulk was back there, I Regiment was the day
  • 03:37: when you when Now it has come here house that sticks we're already possible today the battle cook you need to build you I pause at the cut is not engaged It will be behind the withers pulled the handle straight back chest leaning forward arms straight palms
  • 04:07: back exhale breath at we have a direct hand connect triceps too many girls just under 30 hands not wonders wow it is the fault of both done with complication just
  • 04:44: i am a city-hero if you every day will carry out their spine it is very grateful to care for you feel yourself just as the wings the wings behind him city ​​and here such here will ease and you not just engaged it is necessary for that drug spend money just must be covered but it does not spend Spend called and even the time and killed your beloved all the attention small chain and are drawn
  • 05:15: a peasant straight pay attention bypass cuckoo bending back devchonochka look at the moult try to create from favor of I call benefits cuckoo cuckoo in
  • 05:45: nestling in such saddle he eggs the release of other people's rebuke this is nature gave but it is not anything but sees the need pancake throw everything in a He has already jump so now yes need to do gymnastics spine before just so hit the floor type of yoga It turns on the deflection marvel at the thoracic spine We constantly have convex to state a little bit to get it to of what was exercises that Blood rushed to back muscles and already
  • 06:16: diffuse through out Circle back muscles will move to the spine of the pit our mission vertebral discs lads rise handle Five parties and only right hand in inwards and backwards spatula and put it spine, exhale you because the left handle Keep right and We dive under him cleared for
  • 06:53: spatula is burning it under Tolley scapula most and they are there fold Now add up to so that they It must be left move the shoulder blade Alinochka chest forward to catches fellow forward forward as it surfaced breast ahead so on ago palms
  • 07:24: straight blades connect and handles on date and rims up spatula connect breast fed forward spatula converge both handles as if on Haiti forward handle ago both blades
  • 07:55: connect back Sveta hard yes who are hard to do and transmitters feel if you are tass dizziness greatly moved there salt and begins night dizziness relax really tightened
  • 08:27: because now we learn new rastyazhechka recall music and to from a long-forgotten held knives literally width shoulders or deed, we see Hercules and everything slightly smaller shoulders all back smooth turning left foot ahead perfectly straight back exhale raised streets hands are for
  • 08:57: ears as with you engaged in both legs smooth breathed on exhale with perfect flat back hand they still shoulder joints secure and on hand exhale they go down down the legs straight beat with hip the front foot extends Stuck keep sometimes we keep left leg is ahead maximum stretching is left bicep thigh and bit and both on and
  • 09:27: waist and loaded thoracic because that holds the handle in front of the father did not getting dumped the load from the back see ringing clothed watch hands lift blade connects exactly back stand straight and legs We stand stand perfect straight back spatula connected exhale again dropped nagruzochku relaxed relaxed posture
  • 09:57: gibbon handle relaxed stretches to the floor because you did hand leg length does not give make an appearance again hooks forward and back go top load exactly two arms that's parallel to the floor mom please
  • 10:29: attention to some rest you must have one child at the bottom of the hand second went dumped nagruzochku with hunched removed removed stress removed from nagruzochku spine and back handle at the bottom, and only spatulas and hop his hands down they is no longer burdening us additionally thorax spine spatula together well done and here and pride and when the hand rises as much as possible below the bend in
  • 11:01: someone how much stretching enough at Alina lot of stretching lacking the thread do not pretend the amount of old again dropped nagruzochku rose here's your turn position arose in the morning sigh dropped shoulders that's your position here in go smoothly there was someone like you find it here and
  • 11:31: went only lady nagruzochku turn will be on the right foot breath his hands behind his ears and on exhalation feet flat exactly pulls strongly femoral biceps his hands behind his ears flat back both shoulders not twist correctly we stand stand all loaded girl whole body seemed to be not do nothing
  • 12:01: nothing heavy hand We took nothing evil had not take live handle nagruzochku stand stand handles relaxed not pulled out hunched you have to foot in this case, we are proud of without gravity you do not get injured none at pens spine the bottom is still and only straighten keep your back straight as a bowstring tight if you do not had contact work out look us to th tube and there we If we honor here dial anna
  • 12:31: kurkurina or vigorous morning See the description in important to record some training and They are healthy and happy if there any questions slitheen not sunus phone 093308