Recipe: SNACK from fat with garlic (a sandwich-type namazka)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello today will Cook Ukrainian dish snack of fat with garlic take half a kilo thick fat without meat and skin are bevelled cut into salon breast cubes yet we need pepper and two large garlic cloves fat will grind in a food processor, I I use the knife tip
  • 00:30: shift the fat in bowl combine salt to taste, I add almost half tablespoon salt and a little garlic to shred to combine it evenly distributed like this ready and of course I pepper I use a mixture of
  • 01:03: but different peppers you can do simple black pepper It should be enough for two or three minutes processor grind fat in uniform lush mass and our snack ready is take black bread and remove the sample because it smells snack awesome and simply can not be to keep her I do not try now and will
  • 01:33: all very tasty I recommend