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KNITTING by the HOOK. Volume knitting on a fillet grid  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today I'll show you volume knitting basis loin grid So I already advance of dialogue handle sirloin grid means This sirloin mesh we have educated columns with one sc and between 2 air hinges let's start to knit that's straight mid Take this here column as a basis and it will make four
  • 00:32: column one sc is a 2 loop climb to believe for first column April 3 Spread our fishnet now also undergirding the second side of the cell Makes 4 to column one sc Here we see that that
  • 01:12: then we get We can go anywhere let's direction go here zigzag that is, go here We will fasten here it's a column 2 3 4 turn our
  • 01:44: Now knit base Now here, too, 4 column one sc let's see what came here we It has turned out such a such a convex
  • 02:14: knitting if I go to the gas further it is possible to knit in any direction filling the mesh at your convenience may be zigzag can be flowered ie it can to checkered paper draw any Well, let's figure But to make such a type of flower is now rotate 4 Now completely
  • 02:57: filled cell Now let's go to other direction turn to all this I looked closely and nicely you need to like these unfilled
  • 03:27: stenochek we did not have We come to begin In principle this
  • 04:00: you need to figure connect this here vosmerochka you need to knit natural threads I have different colors under put video Some photos that is, you need to Using this technique, make handbags rugs than all
  • 04:31: Such are the elements